12 Lessons I learnt this year

The year is almost ending in few days, and I learned many lessons on the way. It might be difficult to sum them up to a certain number, but it was a year of many lessons and tears.

I cried as much as I smiled. I wailed as much as I blazed. It was a good and a bad year, in which sometimes I thought I would not make it. I cannot believe I made it this far.

The Year that was.

Bad habits I am ready to drop this year.

I’ve had good moments, great experiences, and triumphs here and there. And I am most grateful for all that I achieved.

The pandemic had not made it easy, but I am glad I got to navigate through that and still came out a champion. Below I stated 12 lessons I learned this year, and I hope they resonate with you. Scroll down with me and be inspired.

Life is too short

As most of you know, I lost my brother-in-law in August this year due to covid. It was a difficult phase to pass through as a family. And I realized that life is too short. You would be alive now, and the next moment you are gone. I began to do introspection about myself. To figure out what I wanted to do before I departed here on earth and pursue that fully.

Not everything that glitters is gold

This is a famous proverb used to describe that people are not who they say they are. I learned this lesson the hard way.

Do not judge a book by its cover

I emphasized this one on a full post here, and I would like to repeat it. Judging people based solely on their outward appearance is not good. There’s more to people more than what is on the surface.

Solo dates are refreshing

Ever since we went back to eating out, I’ve had a lot of solo dates. I would talk myself out for lunch. It felt good and refreshing. And that is one thing which I’m looking forward to doing next year.

Have meaningful friendships.

I’ve experienced the significance of having meaningful friendships. There were times where I felt low and worthless, but my friends showed me love most amazingly. I never treasured friendships more than I did at my lowest.

Blogging is not easy.

I started too well in my bloggingg journey. The stats had escalated, and I thought I had everything under control until I hit rock bottom and was no longer consistent. I lost my sense of self and sidelined my blog. I had to recoup myself and understand that it takes a lot of hard work to be a consistent blogger. I’m yet to get there.

Not everything is about money

The pandemic taught us to cherish our loved ones and to appreciate everything we have. And not to base our happiness and joy on money. Not everything is about money. Enjoy the present moments with loved ones, and you’ll be happier.

Depression is real

I had to include this one because it hit me so hard when I was unemployed. Some of us go through depression, and we are not even aware until we pass through it or someone points it out. It was a tough experience that I never thought I would ever experience.

Love is beautiful

The most beautiful thing about love is what it makes you feel inside. I’m not only talking about an intimate love relationship but any love you can get from your loved ones and friends. This kind of love cannot be bought at any price. Cherish your circle and experience genuine love.

Different hairstyles are goals

I tried different hairstyles this year, and each one made me feel good about myself. Some of the trials made me look funny, like when I cut my hair, but I enjoyed every moment.

It’s possible to have multiple streams of income.

I had a hectic schedule this year. I started as an employee, then unemployed, to working four jobs at a go. (Three-part times). I cannot wait to see what happens next year. I’ll probably tone it down to focus on my business.

Shopping is therapeutic.

Towards the last month of this year, I spent most of the time shopping. I bought a lot of things for myself, and I do not feel guilty at all. I, for the first time, felt so proud of myself. I have not spoiled myself in a long time. It was therapy after such a sigh year we had.

The year is almost over, and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2022 has in store. I feel like a lot awaits of us. We simply have to be present and focused. We will be able to achieve anything we want to achieve. Allow yourself to see lessons on everything. Every day is another day to learn, discover and acquire. Be alert to your surroundings and learn.

Let’s meet again tomorrow.
What are the lessons you learnt this year?

If you have not read my previous posts, please do so.

From a heart to yours.


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