12 Months of Blogging

Am celebrating my blogversary tomorrow. I have never been this happy in a long time.
I still cannot fathom how excited I was when I pressed the publish button for my first blog post. I overcame self doubt and criticism. It truly felt like a heavy weight had been offloaded off of my shoulder. And I found a home away from home within my blog. I’ve never been happier.

Dine with me as I take you through my journey for the past 12 months of blogging. You may also check |Happy Blogversary to me|800 Followers|Thank you|

My 12 months journey of blogging with wordpress :

April 2020
I made my first blog post on the 24th of April last year. From a typical blogger you’ll expect introductory post to make the first post right?
It was not the case with me. I just started bombarding people with serious content about spirituality and how committed one should be. Hahaahha. I still giggle when I think about it. The image I used had nothing to do with the content, no tags and categories. As for SEO, I do not even want to mention it. Everything was just wrong. But…surprisingly, even today I still regard it as my all time favourite post. Why? Because without it, there would have never been any other posts. It took the first blog post to build up to what Sanctuary of Greatness is today. I cherish all the mistakes because they made me to be where I am today.
One blog post was up for April. SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENING

May 2020
I was starting to jingle into blogging. I kind of published a multiple of posts, though I still made a lot of mistakes but l was loving the flow. May was the month I entered Miss SA. Yes, I did. Please do not ask why I entered because I do not know why myslelf. Hahahahha. Maybe I will answer on the next life, just not today and besides, I did not go that far. My application was rejected.
I made posts about my pageantry and it was quiet exciting because I’ve come out of my comfort zone. People were starting to notice my blog hence I would only get one or two likes here and there but it still meant the world to me. Shooting my Shot Part3

June 2020
This month was quiet exciting. My blog was starting to be noticed by a handful of people. Though I still doubted my own craft, my confidence level began to change. I cherished my content so much that I started promoting my articles on social media. It was until I started to write stories about physically challenged people that the stats went up especially from social media because people could relate with the stories as it was about people they were familiar with. That’s when I realized I could do even a much better job. A Proud Product of Deaf Parents.

July 2020
You cannot believe I made the introductory post in July. What a shock! Three months later!
My writing was more lighter than before and i was not panicky about what to post anymore. I made a variety of posts in one month.
I wrote stories about physically challenged people, I made inspirational posts and to-do lists. I was really hyped up at it.
I celebrated my first Award by Vincent Ehindero, nominated by my all time blogger friend Jeremy. She has been my pillar of strength from the first day i started blogging. I also reviewed Oprah Winfrey’s book titled What you know for sure. It was truly an exciting experience. My stats looked good too. Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award I

August 2020
August was the month where all my blogging ‘Whys’ were substantiated. I could not believe my eyes by the rapid growth it took from this month onward. Everyday there were people viewing my posts. Physically challenged people’s stories maintained my blog really as most of the views came from them.
I took part on Afrobloggers Instatakeover. I remember feeling like I owned the world. People began to notice my blog more during that week of the Instatakeover since it was on Instagram. I learnt a couple of instatechs and how to promote my blog fearlessly. I received two Blogger Awards and I reached 100 follows. By the time the month ended, I had already made friends and I never wanted to let them go, hahaha!
That’s my favourite part of blogging! Friendships. Reaching 100 Follows!

September 2020
This is my birth month. I was excited to celebrate my 25th birthday. Due to covid19, things did not go according to plan but I still had a lot to be grateful for.
I was more familiar with a lot of technicals on the site, made good friendships and belonged to a community of supportive individuals, surprisingly I made only two posts. After such effort invested on my blog, I could only make only two posts? Come on Lebogang, you can do better than that! I sighed.
Writer’s block was beginning to slowly creep in as I was emotionally exhausted, I tried to fight it but I could not. The two posts did very well though in terms of views and engagements. Keep At It

October, November and December
I was way deep into the den of lions like Daniel in the bible. I had no one to rescue me. The writer’s block had me on my neck. I did not publish even a single post. Honestly I tried to come back on the site but I could not. I was emotionally unstable, let alone to let my creative thinking to function. It looked like an impossible task to do.
I’ve never felt this guilty like I did especially when I thought about how disappointing i was to my readers, I was ashamed. Surprisingly I received emails from my fellow bloggers about my whereabouts. This truly meant a lot to me. Thank you

January 2021
Normally people will advice to post more often because if you do not, you will lose readership and engagements. I anxiously prepared my mind to start all over again after my long break. Boy, was I wrong!?
It was totally opposite to what I expected. When I made my ‘Come back’ post in January, I saw all my friends and readers welcoming me back with warmth and so much love. I could not believe my eyes. For the first time I got more than 1k views in a month. I felt like a so called “celebrity”. Hahahaha. I guess it was because on my break period I was reading blogging tips and other people’s blogs, which then helped me to understand wordpress better. Am Back.

February 2021
Blogging was getting easier by day. I became consistent in publishing posts as it was something I struggled with before the writer’s block. My blog became my priority. I made more friendships than before and am happy because that’s the most important thing I cherish about blogging, the friendships I made. They are genuine and supportive. Okay let me be cute!!….Hi Moksha! Hahahah. Should you wait for Valentineโ€™s Day to celebrate Love?

March 2021
Still hyped up and all, I was much more content to post anything. I believed in my craft and was more organized. I had a schedule and wrote posts ahead of time. Everything was orderly. My stats had sky rocketed and ever since I started blogging March marked the highest viewership and am more grateful for the support. I got more than 1k views and celebrated 300 follows. What an achievement for an inexperienced writer like me. | 300 WordPress Followers |

April 2020
There was a bit of a setback when I uninstalled the app I was using to write my posts. I almost got discouraged because I had written all the posts for April but they got deleted. I am glad I rose back up and got my vibe back. Thank God my blog was not affected, I fought to keep it going. Blogging still feels fulfilling and I believe by the end of this month we would be high up the sleeve with the stats. Happy Blogversary to me !!

Thank you wholeheartedly. What’s your most favourite thing about blogging? How long have you been blogging? Let me know on the comments section.

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