3 Bloggers killing it this Blogmas.

I am kickstarting my blogmas on the fifteenth day with bloggers killing it this Blogmas. Reflecting on how the year had panned out, I honestly cannot wait for it to come to an end. And there’s no better way to end it without some good vibes with Blogmas. It was not the best year, but I chose to end it with a definite bang.
The blogmas prompt was designed by, Sylvia Ideh. She has an ebook to guide you through the 25 days, till Christmas day. It’s never too late. You can download it and kick start your blogmas today. selar.
I tried to incorporate the days I miss
ed in one post, as my soul sister Joy did, but I could not. It needs a certain level of mastery, which I have not reached yet. I decided to leave the experts to do their thing, as I merely watch and learn. My life got messy and hectic the past few weeks. I could not begin Blogmas on time, but I am glad I am here today. It’s the 15th day, and today’s theme is Bloggers killing it this Blogmas.

I saw a couple of them, and I am just like wooohhh how does one keep up with a daily post in this crazy season. And yes, bloggers are killing it this season. Here are a few.

Sylviah Ideh

As I have already mentioned, Sylvia organized the prompts for this blogmas. It has been an incredible fifteen days to see how she’s killing it even in the middle of exams. There was a day she shirked due to an exam, but she tried to incorporate it with the following prompt, and I found that certainly encouraging. You do not find such honesty in our generation. It is rare. My favorite post was on Day 2, where she wrote her wishlist for the festive season. I loved how adamant she was about her list. I, for one, find it reasonably difficult to jot down wishes as I always felt like I had to work hard for everything I wanted. But, she made me realize that It’s okay to have wishes. And the fact that hers became a reality in the past, caused me to dash towards my keyboard, and type my list down, even though I did not publish it at the time. That, for me, revealed the type of a person she was. A wholesome woman who does not beat around the bush about what she wants! Visit her blog here Sylvia Ideh.

Joy Mbabazi

Joy is my big sis, who I practically fell in love with because of her beautiful daughter. It is a story for another day. She is a confidant whom you’d love to have in your corner for anything. In this blogmas, she reminded me of Christmas carols, which we used to vocalize in my grandmother’s cottage with the entire family and relatives. I got a little emotional because I forgot how delicate this season is. She reminded me of the good old days where my family would be gathered, and all of a sudden, one would start to sing Jingle bells, Silent Night, or Little Drummer Boy. And everyone would join in. I used to love Little drummer boy a lot. It was its melody that sold me the impression, that I had an angelic voice. I wish I had Adele’s voice so that I could do justice on the song as she did with Easy On Me. Yuuphh goosebumps. My family would not see the end of the day because I would be irritably singing all the time. Unfortunately or fortunately, I cannot sing to save my life. Anyways, visit Joy’s blog and find out for yourself. Joy Amour.

Lutgard Musiime Akiiki

She has a remarkable blog, and yes, she’s a published author of Differently Abled. The book is about the nutrition of healthy eating. You can get in touch with her if you want to make any inquiries about the book. She is killing it this blogmas. And I love her consistency with her posts. She wrote a powerful post, explaining where the Christmas tree originated from and gave prompts if it was necessary or not. I agreed with her sentiment when she said that with or without a Christmas tree, Christmas will always be celebrated and enjoyed. And I believe there was no better explanation than the one she brought about. She also gave the meaning and significance of a Christmas tree so beautifully. And I would love to applaud her for that. Check out her blog, buy her book, and be energized on this blogmas. Lutgard Musiime.

I did not quite follow as many blogs on this years’ blogmas as I would have loved to. I guess my list will sum up to three instead of five. My schedule has cleared a little, from now onwards, I will read more of your blogs, and find out how you are doing, and what you have been up to this season.

Who are on your list of bloggers who are killing it this blogmas? Mention and tag them on the comment section, so that I can follow them as well.

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