3 Creative Gangs

Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions it’s own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.

Bruce Garrabrandt

Patience in the creative work is one of the most important things to look at. It is a way to motivate one to put extraordinary effort on their craft to create exceptional artwork. It takes determination to see the required results. Below I would love to take you through the three gangs of creativity. The gang of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. People who are willing to produce something out of nothing, I hope you find yourselves in one of the gangs.

  • Solitude Gang
  • Most exceptional creativity happens within solitude. Valuable and great masterpieces showcased around the museums and art schools were done in isolation. Before they publish any photograph, portrait, film, blogpost or youtube video, they would have invested their time and effort alone brainstorming and insanely focusing on the craft. Every creative person should experience at least time alone in solitude exercising fully the creative juices and focusing on their craft.
  • Creating something out of nothing Gang
  • Creatives can produce the best artistic masterpieces from dust. I have seen a lot of artists come up with the most greatest pieces especially in fashion. Fashion creatives never limit themselves when it comes to ideas. One of the most raw ideas which blew my mind was of Natasha Jourbert’s dress, which she wore for national costume representing South Africa on Miss universe pageantry. (Most of you are not aware that I entered Miss SA last year but I got rejected. I was competing alongside Natasha, there was no way I could beat such beauty. Shout out to her). The designer Gert Joubert had to explain to the nation what the dress represented. Ordinarily you might not see anything on the dress, except for just a coloured white dress with a trail and nothing else. You will be shocked if I can tell you that those colorful prints were taken from sketches from a local children’s creche, to portray how they currently see the state of the world in their own opinions. They took their actual sketches, digitalized them and printed them on a white flowy dress fabric and created an angelic silhouette for Natasha to symbolize overcoming hardships through guidance. No one could have ever thought about that except for creatives in the fashion industry, hats off to them.
  • Never give up Gang
  • There is a ‘talented’ artist named Rasta in my country, South Africa. Although his portraits are always difficult to make sense of, he is one of the resilient artists who never allowed people’s opinions to weigh him down. I personally think that he is talented, the problem is that he chooses to draw the wrong portraits. I think if he can venture into other portraits than of people channel, he will do well. There are many written unimpressed tweets all over social media about his portraits but over and above those tweets, he never gave up. He became resilient, and he finally came alright. Apparently, his current portrait of the late King Goodwill Kwelithini was way better as compared to other portraits. He fought for his dream entirely and even if he is not yet well approved by people, he has improved as an artist and that is what matters.

Miss South Africa Facebook Page
Gert Jahan Coetzee The designer said :
“We wanted to create something unique and proudly South African. We not only created a garment to show off our skills and dramatic effect, but it also had to be something truly meaningful.”

The ‘solitude’ gang, ‘create something out of nothing’ gang and ‘never give up’ gang are prove that art is patient and pure. You need to spend time in solitude working on your craft to create exceptional masterpiece from nothing. It is possible. Once your work is published, do not be in a hurry to be recognized. Be patient on yourself because he who laughs last laughs best.

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