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We are a month away from celebrating my first year of blogging and Sanctuary of Greatness is already blessed with more than 300 individuals who genuinely supports my craft. My current tally is 332 and I truly count myself undeserving of such love and kindness.

WordPress forgot to remind me that I reached 300 follows, hence I noticed after. I am over 300 followers. Thank you so much for your continuous support.

I fail to choose the right grammar to explain how I feel inwardly. My heart sings songs of praise unto God for having brought us this far and I do not take it for granted. I believe the Lord knew I was gonna give up on the way hence He brought people of your calibre to encourage me when it got hard and started slacking.

During the time of the writers block, I received emails from some of you my fellow bloggers asking about my whereabouts, whether I was okay or not. That truly touched my heart and it made me to realize wordpress is not just another online blogging site but a community of individuals with a common goal of becoming the best they can ever be.

Thank you is an understatement. Am grateful for everything you have done for me. From the first person to hit a follow button to the last one, thank you wholeheartedly. Am grateful and content to know that there are people who believes in my craft even when I did not believe in it. Every follow, comment and a like has been a motivation for me to keep the ball rolling and to research more and more so that I can continue to serve you with good relatable content because you cannot give from an empty vessel. Mistakes I made whilst blogging.

Blogging itself is a journey and one has to be patient and be willing to walk with your own pace. Never allow yourself to be pressurized when you see other bloggers succeeding. The aim is not to see who gets where first but to grow and be the best in our spheres of influence.

More than 300 followers in a year is an incredible achievement for me. If you can ask me my 2020 achievements, Sanctuary of Greatness is at the top of the list.

The plan was to get atleast 100 people to follow my blog by the end of the year, then I would be satisfied, but God had other plans for me. With your support and all the helpful blogging tips you published on your blogs, I managed to triple the number.
Am happy to announce that my goal from now onwards is to deepen in depth the relationships I created with my fellow blogging community, to connect deeper with the people who genuinely take their time out to support me. Am truly grateful.

I would also love to do collaborative posts with you. Please send me an email if you want to collaborate with me. Sanctuaryofgreatness@gmail.com

Cheers to many more years of growth, authenticity, essence and substance.

From my heart to yours.


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