|500 WordPress Followers|

Am over the moon!
Exhortations With Shazzy has hit a big milestone. We’ve reached 500 followers on WordPress. That’s halfway to a community of 1000. My brain cannot even compute those numbers right now. Am at awe!

One and half months ago I was celebrating 300 followers in wordpress. WordPress forgot to remind me on my 400th mark. So I was quite surprised to see the 500th notification. I thought same thing will happen again.

| 300 WordPress Followers |

My heart found it worthy of celebrating this wonderful milestone.
I took the number of followers light because it was not my initial plan when I started blogging. I focused more on building a genuine community to engage with on issues pertaining life, that’s all I needed. My goal was way bigger than number of followers.
I must say we all need a motivation to keep going, and for me seeing the number of followers increase daily gave me motivation to keep the ball rolling. I realized that there’s yet more people discovering my blog and they are willing to stick around with me as I babble with my two cent posts.
For that I just want to take a moment of appreciation for your continuous support. Thank you for constantly choosing to stick around with me. Cheers to many more exciting blogging.

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