9 Things that makes me feel better.

There are days when I feel down with a sense of hopelessness not knowing how to cope.

I have learnt to snap out of those feelings quickly as I’ve found remedies to deal with them.
If you still struggle to get up when you feel down, you can try my remedies, hope they be of help to you.

Things that makes me feel better.

A call from a friend or family
I’ve always taken it for granted but a sweet random call or text from my loved ones puts a huge smile on my face and helps me to remember that there are people who genuinely loves me. What I truly love about my cycle is that they never want to gossip about anyone, the conversations are real and that just changes my mood altogether.

Reading blogs and books
I am naturally a bookworm, I just haven’t reviewed most of the books which I’ve read but I love reading.
Blogs are my healing Sanctuary. I always look forward to reading different blogs and the fact that it takes me through people’s daily thoughts fascinates me. Once I start interacting with my fellow bloggers, my mood automatically switches.

Cleaning the house
A clean scented house opens up my creative mind. Nothing is as stressful as coming home to a messy house. When I stayed alone I used to make sure that I wake up early in the morning just to clean my room before I left, just so that I find it clean when I return. Furthermore, clutter can cause increased stress as it clogs focus, so organizing helps a lot.

Watching children’s cute and funny videos on YouTube and the internet
This is my most favorite coping mechanism. Kiddies videos just melts my heart and I love how diverse kids be which is just adorable to watch. In most cases I try to view life from a child’s lense and I’m always left with more than I thought I’d get from watching the videos. My mood just changes for the better.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters


I always have my journal
Everytime I feel some kind of way I journal how I feel and it makes me feel better. At times I have no idea how I feel but I still try to figure out my feelings and when i pen them down I kind of relieve myself from the stress.
Though full journaling can sometimes be overwhelming, i try to keep an open list of my feelings, this helps me to identify the root of my current unhappiness, which offers me a direct way out.

Sing and dance over my favourite songs
Singing and dancing along to gospel songs has a deeply soothing effect on me. I can’t dance to save my life but somehow i find mself dancing over my favourite songs. This boosts my mood and my daily stress levels goes down, even if just for few minutes. Believe me when I say you do not want to see me dance hahahha, just know I feel much better when I do.

Laugh my ass out
I sometimes search on the internet the funny videos and I just laugh my ass out loud. I have one friend in particular whom I know a conversation will never end without a good laugh. Finding ways to laugh can clearly reduce stress and elevate your mood. I also love those funny moments with my boyfriend, he knows how to make my good vibes flowing. (giggles).

A good deed to someone
A simple compliment to a colleague goes a long way for me. On top of definitely making someone else’s day more pleasant, doing something nice for other people makes me feeling better.

Just a stare on the mirror and smile
Weird I know but It’s difficult to go on feeling sad if you can try to smile in the mirror! Imagine smiling back at yourself! Wuupy that should wrap my list!!
Smile more on your list.

Let me hear from you, what makes you feel better? Drop your comment below. And please do not forget to check my previous posts.


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