A Dynamite with a Hutchback

This phenomenal young lady, 33 year old Gcobisa Nkangala aka Bisa, born and bred in the Eastern Cape, currently residing in Cape Town, tells us about her upbringing and how she overcame some of the challeges she faced living with a hutchback disability and attempting suicide at some point in her life.

Gcobisa is one of the inspirational young women living with disability and yet she turned her life around and persevered against all odds. With boldness I can still attest and say Disability is indeed not Inability.

You are a Dynamite

Here is her story and be inspired.

I was born with a disability hutchback and my right side ear is deaf, Gcobisa said. Growing up in the Eastern Cape was more fulfilling as I was raised by my lovely grandmother, may her precious soul rest in perfect peace. She was the whole world to me and I’ll forever be indebted to her. She played a huge role in my childhood .

From being born with a growth on my back as compared to other kids, my parents were concerned about my health such that they’ll take me to private hospitals for checkups. I’ve gotten used to being a regular in the hospital beds HahAha.

One day my parents took me to a private doctor in Butterworth which referred me to East London hospital, thats where the doctors suggested that I undergo an operation to fix my back. It was a huge decision so they could not take it on their own, they went home and asked for my grandmother’s permission since she played a huge role in my life. She refused on the spot and made it clear that I am God’s image and God did not make a mistake when He created me this way. Her words were final and no operation was perfomed on me.

My experiences in primary school were amazing. Everyone treated me with respect including the teachers as opposed to High school. I was staying with my aunt in Cape Town when I did my high school. People would ask me a lot of uncomfortable questions saying, ” Why are you short? What happened to you??”. This used to sadden me a lot. I somehow had to explain to them that I was born this way, trying to convince them that am still normal and there’s nothing wrong with me.

To tell you what, i dont mind giving an explanation to such questions but the most painful thing is when am laughed at and when people make fun of my disability. That is absolutely heartbreaking.

Everything in life happens for a reason. The comments and mockery made me to be even stronger. I had to accept and love myself the way i was. From then on I did not care about being mocked and laughed at because I took ownership of who I was. I became more greatful to God for the gift of life more than anything.

When i was studying in Cape College, I struggled a lot during lectures because my right ear is deaf. I decided to ask one of my lecturers if she would mind to remain after classes for extra lessons, she had no problem. She supported me throughout. With other classes the lecturers were not in favour with my request especially with accounting, so i depended mostly on my fellow classmates.

Living with disability is not easy when it comes to finding jobs. I remember vividly in one occassion I went for an interview. They asked me if I’ll manage to work in their store since it was a retail store. I was heartbroken and went back home torned apart. I sought for comfort from a friend. Little did I know that she took a step and called the store to explain to them that I function well and i can do everything on my own. Few days prior to that I got called for an interview and they gave me the job offer.

As I worked my prayer to God was to grant me the strength to work hard and everything I touched with my hands must be excellent and impressive. I likely wanted to prove to them that my disability meant nothing. They should not measure my abilities with my disability. That’s when I became permanent at Foschini which i eventually resigned due to my studies.

I did my Nail course and started nail business. My business was going well but as time went by I lost interest in the nail business and i started venturing in make up and cooking. I have a strong passion for makeup. Before the lockdown started I was deciding to do makeup course. But the situation was beyond my control. Oneday I want to see myself as a Makeup artist, be my own boss as I’ve studied Office Administration and Business Achievers Course

I get asked at times how am I going to carry a child since am disabled. I find this to be insensitive and arrogant. I mean am a woman and I have a womb, what could possibly restrict me from giving birth?? To be honest am more aware of who I am now. Such kind of remarks don’t bother me anymore. I’ve accepted my disability because I know that everything falls into place when you focus on positive things.

They weren’t lying when people spoke about depression. Depression is real. Its cancerous because it can spread uncontrollably. In my down moments, when I was unemployed, i once attempted suicide. I felt like my life was over and nothing good will ever come out of me. Luckily my cousin found me on time in the room. She rescued me and that’s when I decided to be vocal about how I felt and what i was going through so that i can ask for help. If it meant talking to a friend about it, I’ll do so.

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For more inspirations and dealing with my journey to healing, i decided to create a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/107205944245901/posts/154315836201578/?app=fbl titled Gcogco Wabantu. To be able to motivate each other and to connect with other disabled people who are struggling to come to terms with their disability. We are able to talk about issues that we face as a disabled community which we can relate to and try to help each other as we possibly could.

Am beautiful from the inside out. And more peaceful now than ever. Am more compassionate and fond for people close to me. Cooking and dressing up are my hobbies.can


In closing Gcobisa fondly appreciated her parents, relatives and friends for being supportive in her journey of life.

Connect with her on facebook : Here are her links

Gcogco Wabantu https://www.facebook.com/107205944245901/posts/154315836201578/?app=fbl

Bisa Jwarhakazi Nkangala https://www.facebook.com/gcogco.nkangala


Hope Gcobisa’s story has inspired you to rise from every obstacle you are facing and be the best version of yourself. From here onwards, no excuses.

Am looking forward to hearing testimonies of what you’ve managed to achieve after this inspiring story.

On the comment section, do indicate what you learnt from Gcobisa and lets spread some love to her.

From my heart to yours



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