A human, like no other – a sister.

Have you ever awoken to know that someone out there genuinely cares about you? That they always have your back, no matter what you’re going through? That’s sisterhood right there. A sisterly bond is extremely strong and unbreakable. I have realized that sisters aren’t just folks you were born with in the same family. However, it could be anyone in the world who would go above and beyond for you and be there for you whenever you needed help. I’ve become overly attached to my sisters. Even when I went to varsity or wherever I lived, I made it a point to find sisters to whom I could always turn in times of need. I felt compelled to have a sister to lead me through life’s challenges because I was the only child at home, and I was lonely. I knew that having a sister would be extremely beneficial to me.

I’ve attended several sisterhood gatherings, and each time we got together, I learned how important it is to have a human called a sister. I’ve discovered that our bond as women serves as a constant reminder that there is someone out there who loves and cares for us no matter what. Someone to whom you can relate in almost every aspect of your life. Here are my reflections on what sisterhood means to me.

what is sisterhood?

What is sisterhood?

Sisterhood entails not just loving and embracing someone for who they are but also continually inspiring them to reach their full potential and live according to God’s purpose. It’s like having a female mentor who encourages you to be your best self. My “love languages” are quality time and communication. And sisters are people who have been able to love me unconditionally and provide a secure space for me to be my best self and have managed to fulfill all my love languages.

Sisterhood experiences on a personal level

My connection with my sisters is littered with tales. One memory that stands out: While I was in school, a group of three sisters adopted me as their little sister. from continually checking on me and demanding to know where I was to make sure I had enough food and money.
There was one thing they did that far outweighed all else: they taught me how to pray. They’d pick me up from my house on weekdays and weekends to attend prayer meetings. Saturdays at 4:30 a.m. would be the best time for me to go to the prayer mountain with them, and Sundays are definitely for Sunday services. I can’t recall a single day when they never called to check on me and made sure I was okay. They not only looked after my financial needs but also nourished my spirituality and strengthened my relationship with God.
What they did for me was incredible, and I will never be able to thank them enough. I still live by prayer and have made it my haven where I can be myself without fear of judgment. My life transformed after I learned to preserve my relationship with God through prayer. I know they made sacrifices that they didn’t think I noticed, but I did, and that meant a lot to me.

what is the significance of sisterhod?

What is the significance of sisterhood?

Sisterhood is crucial in many ways, and I can only recommend that every woman have at least two sisters; not many, just two individuals with whom she may be vulnerable. And I would advise you to pray about it because we can be drawn by those who don’t care about us as long as they can profit from us.

This is why having a sister is so important:

  • It makes you feel like you belong: I was in a new city and didn’t know anyone; yet, after meeting my sister’s friends, I began to feel useful and at ease. Most of my insecurities were hidden by their warmth and care.
  • Accountability: I would not leave without informing them of my whereabouts. One could argue that I did not have enough freedom, but I enjoyed it since I felt accountable to them, and at least one of them knew where I was at all times, in case something happened to me. That made me feel safer.
  • Vulnerability: Sisterhood allows you to be vulnerable in the presence of people who completely understand and resonate with you. It allows you to express any confusion you may have without feeling misunderstood. At the very least, you know that there are people who can relate to you in any season.
  • Unreserved self-expression: sisters are more likely to assist you in becoming the person you were meant to be. They aid in self-discovery and encourage you to be attentive to your actions without passing judgment. They can get you back on track without making you feel judged.
  • The helping hand is real: When sisters provide each other assistance, it is always sincere and without expectation of anything in return. Their assisting hand is blessed, and their presence leaves a mark. I could go on and on about how my sisters went above and came through for me, expecting nothing in return. It also made me feel special and appreciated.
  • Laughter and love: Sisterhood is about having fun, dressing up, and, most importantly, looking cute while fixing each other’s crowns.

What is the character of a good sister?

In my immediate circle, the qualities demanded of sister-friends are neither complicated nor difficult. I may have put a lot of effort into previous relationships, but I know exactly what I want in a sister.
You must realize that sisterhood is an extremely crucial link for all girls, regardless of their age. Not everyone is supposed to be in your sisterhood’s circle. I have a lot of “sissy” friends, but most of them aren’t close to me or in my circle. And there’s no problem with that. When I call them ‘sissy,’ it’s because I respect them, and it ends there.

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Before I let somebody into my circle of sisterhood, I look for certain attributes.


  1. The ability to reason well
  2. Compassion Commitment
  3. Sincerity in prayer
  4. Finally, know how to have a good time!

Ability to reason clearly.

Wisdom is characterized as a “she” in the Bible, and I’ve always assumed that this is because women are wiser. Hahaha. Why, then, do you refer to knowledge as “she”? Anyway, I want you to imagine yourself surrounded by intelligent ladies in your life. Not only with excellent advice, but in life in general. spiritually, financially, psychologically, and emotionally. You’ll be a great person. Wisdom is something that stands out for me, and I place a higher value on those who are spiritually wiser.


To me, true loyalty entails being loyal to others, yourself, your purpose, and, most importantly, God’s plan for your life. You must be willing to do the right thing for others and yourself. I’ve seen my sisters honor God even in situations that didn’t seem to matter. They could have chosen to do something else and get away with it, but they chose to honor God and obey Him. I recall a project that would have brought in a lot of money and would have lasted for ages to come, but it needed them to bribe an official to obtain a necessary document. The decision was difficult, but they declined the project. That’s when I realized I was in the correct circle, surrounded by people of high ethics.

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A compassionate spirit has a certain radiance to it. Kindness isn’t just about material things; it’s about having a heart that wants to give and be the best in any situation. Guys, nice individuals are usually attractive. That, I believe, is how I define beauty. I think someone is gorgeous when they have kindness written all over their faces. Kindness is one of a sister’s best attributes. Kindness is appealing and endures the test of time.

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This is one of the qualities I admire in all of my sisters. I find prayerlessness less appealing. I like sisters who are not ashamed to commit themselves to prayer. I’m not talking about people who pray in the morning as a habit to keep the devil at bay. No, I’m referring to intensive devotions, in which people consciously commit their time to God in prayer, fervently seeking God’s face. That’s what I’m referring to. As I previously stated, my sisters used to wake me up at 4:30 a.m. and take me to the prayer mountain to pray. Oh, how nice and serene it was. I wanted nothing more than to be in the presence of the Lord. PRAYER AND MORE PRAYER is one of the most crucial characteristics of sister-friends. Find people who will spiritually lift you and revitalize your soul.

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Finally, have fun, fun, and more fun.

Laugh more and have fun. Life is extremely priceless. Choose your sisters carefully, making sure they aren’t scared to let loose, be themselves, and live life to the fullest. A life filled with accountability, love, laughter, joy, honest business dealings, devotions, dress-ups, and more! That’s the kind of enjoyment you need in your life. Be happy and celebrate sisterhood.

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So, how do you define true sisterhood? What attributes do you believe create a good sisterhood? Do you have a circle of sisters you can count on at all times?

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments area. I look forward to hearing from you.

From my heart to yours


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