A letter to all the queens

Writing letters is a regular thing on the SOG blog. And today, I am delighted to write this letter to all the queens in my space. I promise you, this is a safe space to be vulnerable and honest about how you feel. No matter what you have gone through in your life, I am here to remind you that you are incredibly loved and cared for. Life hit you so hard, but I want you to be grateful because you are here, alive, and reading this post today.

Grab a cup of coffee and, as you enjoy it, keep in mind that there is a woman across borders who cares for your well-being. 
YOU_ARE_VALUABLE, loved, unique, appreciated, prized, precious, and last but not least, powerful. May this letter serve as a reminder of your worth and contribution to humanity.

Let’s go!!

A Letter to All the Queens

Dear Queen
 Just the thought of you makes me teary.
 I think of all the daily sacrifices you made, battles you fought in private and public, and the wounds you had to endure to survive.
Although it’s a lot to handle, you persisted. Your pillow can attest to what I’ve said, that every evening, you shed a pool of tears that no one else knew about.
Not even your closest friend, let alone your spouse.
In the mornings, you had no choice but to get ready and show up for work, school, or daily errands.
I also do not want to negate the days when waking up was a job and a half. where you felt like you could simply doze off and never wake up.

I concur.
 I can hear you saying, Sis, I’m going through a lot right now.” as you read this.
I want to reassure you that everything will be alright. I might not have all the answers, but believe me when I say it will be okay. There is no need for you to have everything figured out.

Believe that your life is going to change because it will.

Perhaps no one has ever told you that you are loved and beautiful today.
I’m here to remind you how lovely and cherished you are.
Life experiences might have caused you to believe that you are not worthy of love and that no one will ever fall in love with a broken person like you.
No one gets broken beyond repair.
Take your brokenness as a stepping stone to shape your life the way you want it to be.
You were broken by your past pains and hurts to the point where you rejected love from those who truly cared for you.
You’ve convinced yourself that you are not deserving of love.
Allow me to remind you that you are loved, treasured, and important. Period!!

Let me assure you that you are enough just as you are.
You moved between relationships in search of love.
You used them as an outlet for your misery. But let me tell you that you have been searching in the wrong direction. Change your strategy and begin searching within yourself.
Allow yourself to reach out to the inner assurance that already exists inside you, to experience love in its fullest, purest form. The only place you can ever find it is inside of you.
Don’t you realize when they say love your neighbor as yourself, they mean you need to love yourself first before anyone else?
It will be easier to love others if you love yourself first.

I want to remind you that you have done well for yourself and to stop comparing yourself to others.
Complement others instead of competing with them.
We are here to strengthen one another. May you rise above anything that is making you jealous of others.
Jealousy stems from the fact that you do not believe in yourself.
You’d have no room to be jealous of anyone if you fully believed in your talents, abilities, gifts, and skills.
Believe in yourself and focus on your craft as you figure out how best it can serve people.

May the love of God cover you.

Keep reaching a level of completeness within yourself and strive to be where God wants you to be. In your quest to become, may you know that you are not alone. 

Remember that there are queens out there, including myself, who always cheer you on in silence and want to see you succeed and become the best version of yourself.

With love,

If you have enjoyed the letter, let me hear in the comment section how it touched you. I love hearing from you.

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