Hi Everyone….
Since scientists agree that the globe is circle, I’m not sure where the term “four corners” originated from. I would like to extend my warmest greetings to everyone from all “four corners” of the world. Welcome to my space! Just the thought of occupying a portion of the internet gives me chills!

I am Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji from the beautiful rainbow nation of South Africa. I’m told I look serious, but after you get to know me, you’ll realize there is absolutely nothing serious about me. I am simple, fun, likable, friendly, and I love Jesus. It even feels “weird” to say that I am the founder of the Sanctuary of Greatness blog.

¬†Yaaaass! It is a digital platform that has evolved into a haven for women throughout Africa. It promotes sisterhood, women’s well-being, empowerment, and mental, spiritual, and physical healing. We also profile physically challenged people and African women from all spheres of influence. The blog also focuses on topics to inspire others through a variety of stories and motivation.

I started this blog back in 2020 as an idea to profile the stories of physically challenged people. which, of course, was inspired by my mother, who is deaf. I realized that such people do not get as much exposure as they should, yet they accomplish the most, even when sometimes the odds are against them. I watched my mother work so hard to achieve her dreams and maximize every opportunity thrown at her. Her story is one for the books. You can read it here here.

Another reason for starting the blog was my love and passion for women. Having been raised by a single parent, in this case, my mother was a blessing in disguise. I found myself naturally gravitating to females. 
Ladies had always been in and around me since my early twenties until I reached adulthood. I then took advantage of that and established a movement, which gave me the chance to interact with even more women. Women in Power was the first name of the movement. The idea was to find a platform where women of color could be empowered in all spheres of influence. When I thought of a blog name, Sanctuary of Greatness kept ringing in my mind. And then, whooolaaa, it was. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the blog to grow and turn out the way it did. And obviously, imposter-syndrome held me by the neck here and there to strip me of the idea, but I am grateful that I managed to beat it twice, three times, fifty times, and more.

We are finally here, and I am so grateful I never gave up when I felt like it. With this blog, I hope to connect with you, learn about new cultures, languages, and recipes, and inspire each other.

And to all my Soul-Sisters, I cannot wait for our conversations. You have finally found a safe place to be transparent, vulnerable, and honest. We will be sharing our highs and lows. I am looking forward to growing, crying, and working jointly with you as the journey beautifully unfolds.

Send me an email at sanctuaryofgreatness@gmail.com to connect for collaborations, guest posts, and interviews.

From my heart to yours