Advocacy Recap

We are on the last day of Advocacy Week. It’s been a rollercoaster of a week. We opened old wounds, confronted issues we bottled for too long. We managed to address and advocate for what we believed. This week I got to realize that we still have a long journey to travel as people worldwide. Issues are boiling in our hearts yet we are quiet.

Creatives are a voice to the voiceless, a hand to the helpless, and an ear to the deaf. Children cannot speak for themselves, hence why we speak for them. Disabled people sometimes are ignored whenever they voice out their challenges. Sexually abused people are bypassed when they report the abusers. We are an amplified voice to advocate for such people.

Advocacy week felt like great leaders giving SOWA (State of the World Address). We managed to take the first step of putting issues on paper. The next step will be the implementation of solutions.

Let me recap this week’s topics for you :

  • My heart breaks into pieces when I see a child on the street malnourished and not well taken care of. Children are a blessing to humanity and they deserve care and love. Shoutout to CWSA for the amazing work they do This is an organization that protects children in SA from all kinds of abuse and establishes networks and partnerships to ensure the safeguarding of children.

  • Physically challenged people are my reason for starting this blog. Every month I feature stories of people living with disabilities. I have not published any posts for the past two months but I do have stories scheduled for next month, which I’m excited about.

  • I do not have a specific reason as to why I wrote about knowing our home language. I just woke up an idea just clicked and I realized that most people are incapable of speaking their home languages. I noticed that the topic caught a lot of attention. Home languages are essential.

  • This topic kept me writing and canceling and writing and canceling for quite some time because I was afraid what if some gang members see this and track me down. Ha hah hahaha. I’m kidding, but I was just skeptical about it. As I mentioned I’m very much concerned about the future of our teen brothers out there. It’s heartbreaking to see such great potentials washed down the drain.

That’s the wrap for Advocacy week. It was a week to express ourselves about issues that we see happening in our surroundings as we just wanted to vent because a person can only take so much.
Emotions were boiling.

Which topic resonated with you and why? Have you seen any of the issues happening to you or people in your surrounding?

Let’s meet again next week as we tackle all things tech and business. Exciting right?

From my heart to yours



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