All you need is a Weekend!!

‘Some times all you need is a good book, cup of tea and a whole weekend on the couch’. Unfortunately the hustles and the bassles of this lifetime demands us to be up and running on our toes.
You do not have to stop working and say, ‘Thank God it’s Friday’, but weekends are special even if your schedule is all over the place.

Weekends for me are normally dedicated to spending time with my family, settling down house chores and shopping unless something comes up like work-events then I’ll attend. Though this yawns the hell out of my friends due to my party-less life, for me a wild craggy weekend involves being indoors, lazying around with long shirts and a great book. That’s unfortunately how I recharge.

Not having to set an alarm for the next day is pure joy. Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you have no commitments for the next day.

When you leave work on a friday, leave work. Do not allow social media follow you throughout the weekend ( answering text messages and emails ) unless there’s emergency, take a break from all the noise. That’s all you need. By the time the new week begins,  you will be refreshed and ready to smash and seal business deals.

Forget about how stressful the week was and just have a great weekend. You’ve worked hard enough the whole week it’s time to rest your body muscles and make stories for Monday. Anne Lamot commented and said, ‘ Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for few minutes, including you’.

Yesterday marked my brother’s 22nd year of existence. Am thrilled at how fast-paced this boy have grown. We are only four years apart and so far am happy with the kind of a young man he’s emerging into. He is responsible, hard working and respectful. 2021 Mark’s his last lap of secondary hence I did not get the time to do anything for him as he’s busy preparing for tests and assessments. When he woke up, my sister and I sang the ‘universal’ birthday song for him then I gave him money to spend at school.
He’s so lucky his birthday was on a Friday hence he organized a getaway with friends today at the mall.

To my little brother
You are the epitome of love personified. You made the journey of being raised by a single mother bearable. At night when we were scared to death thinking we are invaded by intruders, you assured us that nothing will ever happen to us in your presence. You became the man we looked up to and admired. As much as you are younger than me, you’ve always been fussy over me. Continue to shine the light in your endeavours and know that you are greatness personified. May you be the best of what God wants you to be and trust His perfect will for your life.

I love you dearly.

Have a great weekend ahead.
Thank you for reading. How are you planning to spend your weekend? I will read from the comments section.

From my heart to yours


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