Am Back.

Greetings Friends
Where do I even begin? It has been a minute.

Beyond doubt I strongly desired to make a comeback for a very long time. I have been absent online for the past four months seeing that my time has been consumed in between work. Of which I attempted to formulate a balanced routine for myself but I fell short of pace quite easily, hence I took long to put anything up.
I longed for all my wordpress surbodinates and supportive companions. I am here to disclose that am upbeat into blogging again.

Tell you what, I habitually crashed by your blogs to stay motivated at all times. I just want to appreciate you wholeheartedly for your continuous encouragements.

My daily grind kept me on my toes both emotionally and physically. One of the biggest blunders I made was to neglect my blog site. I simply knew that it will require me to be vulnerable and honestly confront my deep emotions and I was not prepared to do so. I literally lived in the cage even when I knew blogging was my escape. I was emotionally drained, empty and lonely. The support and the love i received whilst absent on the site genuinely kept me going. Am indeed grateful for that.

Most of the down moments which totally squashed me was the condition at my workplace. I was emotionally drained and my spirit was crushed completely. I tried to put my best foot forward but it was not good enough. In most cases I felt rejected and worthless so much like I even forgot I had a lot to offer.

Rejection taught me a lot about myself. I learnt to :

Love myself

It came to my attention that I have prioritized people’s opinions and feelings before mine. I learnt to prioritize myself more than anything. Loving myself meant being focused on issues pertaining me and worrying less about how people perceived me. I allowed my emotions to have a voice and am glad I did.


Rejection propelled me to stay focused on my dreams and what I wanted to achieve. I have neglected them for far too long. It was about time I revisited the drawing board and strategized on how best can I improve myself.


People are fickle, they will love you today and leave you tomorrow. Am much more aware and convinced that God is the most dependable being in the whole universe. And am in the process of deepening my dependence on my Lord Jesus Christ.


I do not have to wait to be told good remarks about what I do. I learnt to put a pat on my own shoulder with pride because no one else can. I practised self belief and it has worked wonders for me.


I realized that I was not money and would not be loved by everybody. With my loving heart I thought everyone was like me until I met other people with a different attitude. It was really a struggle to deal with such people. I got liberated after i realized that not everybody is for me. I found my tribe and am ready to thrive.

We live in the world where everyone has an opinion about almost everything. People will always have an opinion about you, it is up to you how you take it. Stand tall and do your best to make your dreams a reality. It is not easy but it is worth it.

Am back in the field and am super excited to learn from you once more. Will continue with posts much more frequently than before. I have finally gotten over the huge chaos, dramatic incidents and emotional rollercoasters which indeed I managed to survive.

May you be blessed in this new exciting season.

And buckle up, we are going to have a blast.

Once again : From my heart to yours



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