Besides man’s best friend.

Good morning friends
Something wonderful happened to me during the weekend which I would love to share it with you. A truly great encounter with a certain dog in the farm.

Dogs – Man’s best friend

My entire existence I was never a fan of dogs until the past weekend. In fact I have always feared dogs growing up right into my mid twenties. Whenever I was walking alone on the streets and I saw a dog, I would literally change the direction. No matter how much farther away it was from me. I could never understand the fascination over what seemed to be a mere dog by either friends or family.

My sister once bought a cute puppy for my niece. She would carry it to me and I could not even gather the courage to merely brush it over it’s head. That was the extent of my fear for dogs.

During this past weekend I went over to visit my sister and later went to my boyfriend’s place in the farmlands of Bronkhorstspruit. After three 3months of not seeing him I was overly excited. In fact my heart beats faster as I speak about him and I cannot help blushing as I continue typing. *sigh* Anyway.

Home Language rant

They have quiet a number of dogs and I was too afraid to jump out of the car when we arrived at the farm. We were assured we would not get bitten, but the ‘phobia’ in me kept me held back initially from running to his embrace.

Day went by and the sunset as I indulged in his presence and spending quality time together.
The following morning he decided to take me through the farm for a little tour. Armed with hiking boots I really felt that part as a farm girl. As we continued walking through the bush, a certain puppy kept on following us. At times going ahead of us. This was it’s way of making sure the path is safe for us to continue walking. I was fascinated by it’s loving kindness and care, mind you it did not know us as yet. This melted my heart and herein was my turning point.

The puppy would keep walking beside me, it had no idea I was literally ‘shaking in my boots’.

As a girl it was time for selfies and I found the perfect setting behind a large rusty metal oven used to make charcoal. And guess who decided to join me, my beloved newly found friend. Picture after picture we took selfies with it changing expressions in nearly all of them. My anxiety was now a thing of the past around dogs.

I was fascinated by it’s loving kindness and care, mind you it did not know us as yet. This melted my heart and herein was my turning point.

Walking back to the residence my selfie partner and I were both admiring each others presence. ‘Had I had enough money with me I could have bought it then’, I mentioned.

On my last day, as I was going to catch a cab, two of the puppies followed me. And one of them was my newly found friend. Perhaps he wanted to introduce me to his buddy. I could not quite connect to it as I did with my buddy. Clearly each dog is unique, each one has it’s own personality. This is why people get so attached to their four legged pets.

As we arrived in town came across a poster of a lost dog with a certain reward money. This would have been absurd to me had it not been my encounter with my sweet friend. However imagining that could be my buddy been lost that way, I could fully understand.

That was my first ever experience with man’s best friend to that nature and am sure willing to buy one for myself if not the one I saw at the farm.

What are some of the experiences you encountered with a dog? How fond / close are you with your dog or anyone else’s for that matter? What have you discovered about them?

From my heart to yours


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