The Rululus – Love conquers all

Today’s beautiful love story is very dear to my heart. The bride, Bulelwa Madikane was the first person who inspired stories in my blog for physically challenged people. Her story became the first one I published, and when she shared it on her social platforms, I saw my stats skyrocketing from nothing per day to more than 300. Hahaha, I know I said I was not worried about the stats, but as a beginner at the time, it was a big deal. Having been together for over a decade, it goes without saying that good things come to those who wait. Bulelwa Madikane and her husband, Mziyanda Rululu, tied the knot last year at a beautiful traditional wedding. The love is still fresh, and I believe God will keep them together throughout, and we wish them nothing but God’s best for their beautiful union. Enjoy this beautiful love story, and remember to share your thoughts in the comments section.


Camera📷 by Nayful Picture : Bulelwa Madikane and Mziyanda Rululu originally from Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape province tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony held at the church in the Eastern Cape.


Tell us the story of how you met.

Bulelwa: LOL very interesting long story, but to make it short, we met in the township, as we stayed in the same area. I was with my sisters when we saw him passing in a rush. We laughed at him that how can a guy just pass by ladies like that without even greeting them. I later found out that he was shy because he saw me with my sisters, and he wanted to get a chance to talk to me, at least alone.

What were your first impressions of each other?

Bulelwa: He was very quiet after he approached me. I had to do some research about him in the hood because I was still new, as my parents bought a house there, and we just relocated.

Mziyanda: I loved that she was the opposite of what I was, she was incredibly bubbly, loving yet strict. It worked well for me. As they always say, ‘Opposites attract,’ right!!

How was your experience on your first date or encounter?

Bulelwa: LOL haha, our first date, huh. I do not want to lie, I remember nothing. It was many years ago. However, on our second meeting, he came to me smelling lucky star tin fish, then I asked him about it, and he said, “No man, I am sorry, I was busy cooking”. Lol hah hah, I laughed because I thought he was a ‘cheese’ boy since he was always quiet. And sometimes he walked alone even when he went to the gym.

Mziyanda: I was terrified of her because of her bubbly personality. I noticed that she was too loud, but a man had to do what needed to be done. I had to force myself to approach her because I loved and wanted her to be my woman.

You recently celebrated your beautiful wedding last month. What was the most special part of your wedding?

Bulelwa: Seeing both our families and friends together after a hectic period of the pandemic.

Mziyanda: When we exchanged vows in front of our families and friends. It was a beautiful experience.

: I was terrified of her because of her bubbly personality. I noticed that she was too loud, but a man had to do what needed to be done. I had to force myself to approach her because I loved and wanted her to be my woman.


When did you know that you would end up getting married?

Bulelwa: I had no idea whatsoever, however, he kept saying that I would be his wife one day. So here we are today. Hahaha.

Mziyanda: First time I spent a day with her, I was certain that she would be my wife.

What has been the most challenging time during your relationship, and how did you handle that??

Bulelwa: When I moved to a different city, Johannesburg, to further my studies. We tried to remain positive, but it was not easy. We just had to make it work because it was something we both agreed on.

In a short period you have been married, what has been the best part of your marriage so far?

Bulelwa: LOL, he has been my person for the past 13 years, but finally calling him ‘myenam’ (my husband) has been the best feeling ever.

Mziyanda: I married a powerful, and prayerful woman of God. She prays for everything, and that makes things to be effortless in our marriage.

What do you love most about each other?

Bulelwa: He is the most humble and understanding human I have ever met. And he echoes the same trait as me.

Mziyanda: My wife loves me, and always protects me at all costs.

What’s the best way to show appreciation to your spouse?

Bulelwa: He loves my food, so yeah I cook his special meals all the time.

Mziyanda: I take her out, and buy gifts for her. That is her love language.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5-10years as a couple?

We have a long list together, and we believe with God in our marriage anything is possible.

From my heart to yours



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