Body Insecurities with Delyse #4

Body insecurities, image, and positivity are unavoidable topics to tackle. We can never have enough conversations revolving around them.
Last month, I hosted a series on body insecurities in which both my male and female friends shared their own experiences.
I also shared my own experiences. You can check the series below.

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Following the series, I received numerous emails and inboxes from women who got open with me about their own experiences, and I understood how important this subject is, particularly among women. Allow me to proclaim and state that I have taken steps to make this a movement that will alter narratives and people’s perceptions of themselves. We are entering into the season of robustness. A season where a self-love is no longer an option, but a priority.

Body Insecurities.

When I was reading Delyse’s blog, Thick N Stylish , one of my fellow Afrobloggers, I noted that she had also been an advocate for body image and positivity. She got invited to share her experiences on various platforms to aid individuals battling, particularly women with body image positivity. I went straight to her inbox, urged her to join SOG series, and shared her own experiences. I am thrilled to have her on my blog. She is such a great force to reckon with.

She is a Zimbabwean plus-size model, body positivity advocate, and fashion blogger. She began her blog to share her experiences as a plus-size woman and to provide a safe space for women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies without any reservations. Check out her work for some inspiration.

Let’s hear about her Body insecurities and how she overcame them.
Let’s go!!

Body insecurities with Delyse Gimani.

From a young age, I had body insecurities and low self-esteem. It stemmed from me being the different one in my family. Different how? I was dark and chubby, something my siblings didn’t look like. So from childhood, I was always conscious of my chubby cheeks, big tummy, and dark complexion. I remember being told to tuck in my tummy if we left the house so I can look normal. I was also told that the reason why I was dark, was because my mom drank black label beer when she was pregnant with me. This left me traumatized, to be honest.

For many years until I reached my mid-20s, I hated my body. I used to always hide my tummy by wearing uncomfortable shapewear or wearing jackets, even on a very hot day. I did not see my true worth because I felt my weight or appearance determined my value. This affected how I allowed myself to be treated in all types of relationships. Though I had people who hyped me up, I never quite listened to them until I started to see my worth and loved myself. If you don’t love yourself, nothing positive anyone says to you, or about you will stick and make any sense.

Fast forward to now, and I am an advocate of body positivity and confidence. I love my body and have accepted it because I am beautiful. I am more than my body. I am divine feminine energy!! My blog helped me amplify my confidence, and I can confidently say my experiences helped me be a voice to many people who had similar experiences as mine.

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What a time to be alive. Gone are days when thick women represented ugly, thin ones represented malnutrition and paleness. Every woman of all body types is beautiful in their rights. Thank you sis Delyse, for your utmost honesty and vulnerability.

I told my other female friends that whether we have lisps in our teeth, little or large breasts, small or large thighs, curves or not, short or tall, dark or light-skinned, we should embrace the way we look and release the aura that has already been put on us. Nobody, even ourselves, should ever make us feel insecure about our appearance.

We are all gorgeous in our own right. And that’s exactly what you embody in your aura. May you continue empowering plus-size women to love themselves for they are stunning. Chile!!

I’m planning on doing programs that help teenagers to overcome body insecurities. I have realized that many of us started disliking our bodies from an early age, and it went on and on until it got out of hand that we could no longer control it.

Till today in our 20s, the 30s, and, even 40s, we are still struggling with insecurities that began when we were still in our teenage years. If you’d like to work on this program with me, please contact me at You are still welcome to contribute your thoughts and ideas on how we might proceed.

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