Caught In a Dream

When was the last time you had a dream which felt so real to you? The dream became so bright with colour and close to reality that you can pick out what is what?.
I once heard one of my friends saying the way dreams get so real, she sometimes wishes she was able to take a photo for reference.

My spirit communicates better in dreams and they have a profound effect on me hence I learnt to pay attention. It’s one of the privileges because you get to see the things which have neither seen by people nor experienced. You get to be warned about trouble from afar at first hand. Dreams predicts the future and notify you about trouble to come or they can rewind and look in the past. Perhaps something is bothering you or making you happy, your mind will mould your dream around those thoughts making it feel so real.

One time I had a dream about certain boys who came and attacked us at a family gathering. They attacked my two family members and I with objects and the pain was severe indeed. Two of my family members received intensive care and love, surprisingly it was quiet different with me. They only cleansed my blood and they managed to cover all my wounds such that they were invisible.
I continued with all my daily errands like nothing happened. I put up an act and no one realized that I was actually hurting, wounded, teary, broken, damaged and internally bleeding. You could not see any physical injury but I was deeply wounded.
Isn’t it what we all love to do? Acting all brave and strong yet wounded internally? It was a painful scenery to watch.

I woke up with a sigh of relief because I was glad it was a dream though my body still ached. I was relieved because that’s not who I am, atleast not anymore. I have learnt to communicate when am not feeling okay.
I believe every dream has a purpose and it comes with a lesson. Out of these dream I realized that there were people who are wounded yet they function as if everything is well. Pain has been normalized and the worst case scenario is pretending to be fine whilst you are not. We really need to allow ourselves to heal. And trust me, healing is found in the word of the Lord.

Jeremiah 30:17

Dreams can be devastating at times. You will see yourself in a dream with a white gown walking down the aisle towards your all time high school crush yet you are single.
Sometimes they can be scary. Just like the dream I had I was glad it was not real because I was attacked. Sometimes they can be frustrating, such as when you win a lottery in a dream yet you are broke. Maybe the stresses of not studying hard enough for an exam could link to a dream of having to climb a very high mountain, without the knowledge on what to expect or how to approach it.
At times they can be shocking especially if you dream of traumatic events which will change your life forever.
Or you are financially lacking but you wake up feeling grateful that atleast you have a job.

Either way what could we do without dreams? Absolutely nothing at all. Sleep will indeed be dull and empty because that is where the physical body is at rest but your soul and spirit is functioning. And your consciousness is so strong. Just like how fasting works. The flesh will get subjected to bow and crave spiritual food more than anything than when you have eaten. Dreams are what we look forward to when we sleep and I cannot imagine mine without one.

What does it mean when a dream feels real? What have you dreamt which left you feel like a dream could be real?
Let me hear on the comments section your experiences on dreams whether good or terrifying.

Have a blessed day. Let’s talk on the comments section.
From my heart to yours


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