Childhood Memories

Can anyone imagine just how easy it is for us to lose our childhood memories, if we do not put enough effort into storing it. We live in a fast paced world and today may be 2021 tomorrow or five years later might not feel like much has happened since then. Storing images and creating memories is something we should always remind ourselves to do.

Childhood Memories

We live in the times where memories are created every single day. Snaps and selfies are captured beautifully. Social media also contributed with storing memories so that we retrieve them later.
Every single time we find ourselves capturing any activity for future evidence. With smart phones accessible, today’s kids are privileged to have their childhood captured. Mothers today hire professional photoshoots from as early as during pregnancy till when the child turns twenty one years of age. We also have kiddies instagrammers and they look adorable. (The account is managed by parents of course). When the child grows will get a chance to experience a glimpse of how his/her childhood was.

Unlike in the past, I most likely do not have enough evidence of how my childhood was. It’s all the staff I’ve heard from my mom and a couple of other family members. I do have a few images but not as I would have loved. I would have loved to see much of how I was as I transitioned into the woman I am today.

As a child, I was not really talkative but energetic and bubbly. I remember how effortless it was to live. I would wake up in the morning, go to school and come back, go play the entire day until my mom comes back from work and starts shouting at me because I look messy. My anxiety level was at zero and life was so colorful.
I come from a poor background but it felt like a luxury to be raised by a woman of my mom’s calibre. Even though she singlely raised us, she made sure that we were well fed and groomed. It was such a wonderful experience. Given the chance I would go back to being a child any day.

I had nothing to worry about. No stresses of life. No bills to pay, no spouse to please, no adolescence stage, no pubic hair, no friends to care about, no societal pressures, no black tax, no image to protect. Absolutely nothing to tamper with anyone’s peace just serenity and calmness. Life was absolutely good. The only concern was food, wrote my homeworks and played hide and seek with my friends. And of course my mom’s attention and kiss.

The innocence in being a child is unbelievable. I’ve not always been a problematic child but I remember how my mom would discipline me to order, I’ll freak out and tell myself that I would never repeat that again. Only to do the same mistake again until it registered in my mind that what I did was wrong. I would listen. Everytime I made a mistake I would not beat myself up with unnecessary pressure, self criticism and called myself a failure. No! Life went on and I forgave myself more often than expected, as a child I was not aware that I was forgiving. And that is the beauty of life – forgiving ourselves. Why is it so hard to forgive ourselves everytime we do anything wrong? Somebody please rescue me, I want to go back to my childhood.

When you grow up you realize that life is not that simple. You realize that you need to work twice as hard to get to where you want to be. Dreaming as a child was easy. You’ll dream as a doctor even if you knew Biology is not really your interest.
With a child anything is possible.
No limitations.
My favourite memory is the thoughts of wild dreams I had as a nine year old who had no idea what life held for her but believed that something will certainly come up and I will achieve my dreams. As to how, when and how? It was not up to me. I just knew that my dreams were valid and I wanted see them come to fruition.

To be honest if I knew what growing with age entailed, I would have remained a child. But I guess the good side about growth is that it comes with wisdom and maturity. You become a better person and start living a meaningful and purposeful life.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons

Stewart Zayn

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