Choose Bravery

This is my first post this month. Forasmuch as the week begun, I’ve been discouraged and lost momentum to execute anything. Let alone my daily routines which also entailed delivering my work on this platform. I lacked excitement. That’s how personal the sensation was.

I genuinely tried to scribble down some rough drafts, still no streak of luck.

As I struggled to execute my work, i realized that it simply takes BRAVERY to get the work done and that’s all there is. When I finally decided to execute my work, I moved with a rapid speed imaginable. I responsibly fast paced and got my functionality back. As I write this I have three scheduled posts awaiting to be published. Talk about catch-up. I was grateful to get my groove back.

It took nothing but Bravery. We try to measure bravery by things that can be seen, but the truth is, it’s based on how you respond to what is happening inside you. Bravery is what comes as a result to your willingness to look and act.

Perhaps there are tasks you’ve always wanted to accomplish, potentials you know you master however you’ve put them on hold as a result of insufficiency with courage and bravery. Perhaps you probably forgot about some of them.

Am giving you a task to go back to them. Consider working on them again. Am certain you’ll discover that it was not because you had no capabilities but you only lacked bravery.

Brave people accomplish great exploits. Simply because bravery serves as a catalyst to get you up and running. It’s one of the elemental principles in life which a minority of humankind posesses. That’s an unfortunate reality so to say. However, once you can master the art of being brave in all you do, you are likely to emerge victorious.

The honest factuality of the matter is, whether or not you make it, you’ll discover a sense of fulfilment in your heart, considering what it took in the first place. The efforts you invested shall surpass your failures and you are likely to dust yourself up and proceed until results are accomplished.

Nearly all that I’ve succeeded in doing so far had no crumb to do with my skills and adequacy but had everything to do with bravery. For instance I would not be writing to you this article at this moment. I was not certain whether I’ll attract people or not. I was anxious as to whether people will read my blog or not. I had a lot of prons than cons.

I said to myself, “What if no one visits my blog”? What if my writing skills does not meet the blogging standards? What If….. What If…… What If…. I had endless “what if’s” you can fathom. I took a bold step and said, “Screw the What if’s” ….. Am going to do it anyhow. It took nothing but bravery to veritably get the work done and that’s all it did.

You must understand that bravery does not erase fear and gloomy outlook. It simply implies that you intentionally choose to execute the task whilst fearful. You execute it afraid. The outstanding factor is even if the task is executed being fearful, the outcomes are certainly more glorious than fear itself. You become fruitful in conquering your fears and when you intentionally choose bravery to execute your tasks.

Previously I took you through my journey as Miss South Africa Entrant…. I’ve never been as brave as i have when I took a step to confront my fears that far. I exhausted all the “What if’s” in the world, but…. Guess what? I entered anyhow. For me that is an achievement, whether I make it or not, i know how far I can stretch and I can unapologetically say the sky is no longer the limit. I can go as far beyond the sky.

I urge you to intentionally choose bravery and just do the work. Surpass your “What if’s”. There’s more on the other side of bravery.

Even if you are afraid, do it anyhow. Choose bravery over anything.

What does being brave means to you? Let me hear in the comments below.

From my heart to yours……


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