Comfortable Shoe Choice

We generally choose beauty over comfort, especially with shoes. No matter how painful the shoe get, we tend to feel like we have no choice. It’s sad because it’s a bit difficult to find comfortable and beautiful shoes simultaneously. Today’s post is to highlight the importance of investing in comfortable shoes yet good-looking.

Sometime back before the lockdown, I thought about an idea to start a business to make some extra cash for myself. I thought of stocking heels to sell to ladies because I wanted to sell something of value to women. Simply because I love heels and most of the people always ask me where I bought mine. So I figured that it would be nice when they ask where I bought them, I would gladly say that I sell them. Hahaha. So, guys, I started to research which type of shoes were less expensive to stock in bulks. Guess what? I found that there are heel-flat convertible shoes. Convertible shoes? Yes, absolutely.

These are the type of shoes with a heel that you can remove when you start feeling discomfort. I found them profitable for ladies because we always carry extra shoes in our bags when we get tired. I’ve also seen my sister’s car with a stack of shoes in case she got tired. I know she’s not the only one. It’s more difficult if you do not have a car because when you leave the house you should wear flat shoes because you cannot walk miles to catch a cab with heels. Then you wear heels in the cab or when you arrive at work. Then the day continues, your feet start complaining, you continue to wear the heels because you still want to look cute. Later in the day, you change the heels to flat shoes because you are about to knock off. You still have to catch a cab back home. Since we get used to changing shoes now and then, it does get frustrating.

I do recommend heel-flat convertible shoes. They are good because you do not have to carry extra pairs when you wear heels. You can remove the heel and make them flat and comfortable. Rufaro spoke about the history of footwear which I found interesting. There’s a lot of thought into inventing shoes and factors which inventors consider before any other thing is COMFORT.

Keeping your feet comfortable has a critical impact on your health. It is important to consider comfort. Here’s why :

It prevents foot pains: Comfortable shoes help you to have better comfort as you walk. Make sure your shoes do not squeeze or rub your feet. Every shoe you wear should feel like you are barefoot and can walk on any type of surface.

Improves blood circulation: I’m not a qualified doctor but I know that uncomfortable shoes cause bad circulation especially if they are tight and squeezing. I had leather boots which have caused my feet to swell and caused me bad circulation in the entire body and I could barely walk properly.

• Comfortable shoes allow you to be more active: Comfortable shoes always bring out a good mood because you feel active to do anything without any discomfort. Whenever I wear good shoes, I feel confident and I got no problem standing the whole day. If you are unable to buy convertible shoes, invest in comfortable shoes to get you up and running errands without complaining about pain.

It improves posture and confidence: Bad shoes cause you to have low self-esteem. You will realize that the type of your shoes determines your level of confidence. Check days when you are wearing uncomfortable shoes and compare it to the day you are wearing your favorite shoes. I’m quite sure you already know that those days aren’t the same. Invest in good comfortable shoes and watch your confidence level up.

Find the right type of shoes for your feet: I’m sure by now you know what you like and what you do not, what best suits you or the style you prefer, and how to match it together with your outfits. Not every type of shoes is for you. What works for me might not necessarily work for you. Find the right type of shoes for your own feet and stick to them.

Your feet might as well shut: And I believe you do not want that. Healthwise your body can only take enough. More than that you are likely to experience pain and damage. Invest in the right shoes and get healthy feet.

You do not want to overwork your feet. It’s easy for your feet to shut and not function any longer. Invest in proper shoes while there’s still time. Just like my incredible Queen from The Afterthought who loves boots so much,, find what works for you and stick to it.

What experiences have you had with uncomfortable shies? How did you overcome the pain? Did you also have extra shoes in your bag when you went somewhere? Did you know about the flat-heel convertible shoes?

Thank you for reading and interacting with me. Let’s meet again tomorrow on my last entry for Fashion and Culture #WinterABC2021.

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