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The WinterABC2021 festival is starting today. And I am super excited. It will be an interesting challenge because I have never blogged everyday. I have set goals for what I want to achieve after this challenge and I believe I will come back to this post in July to reflect how far I went.

WinterABC2021 is a festival for all the African bloggers hosted by Afrobloggers. Read all about it here and register if you can.
This is a month-long digital storytelling festival where all the African content creators publish their work ( blogs, youtube videos and podcasts) for 22days except on weekends.
Weekends are used for catching up and engaging with other blogs which you might have missed during the week. I am not sure how I feel since this will be my first time to publish posts everyday. I am up ready for challenge.

My reasons for accepting the WinterABC2021 challenge :

  • CHALLENGE MY CONSISTENCY. I am not quiet consistent in my posts. For one to get into the habit of blogging, there has to be a routine established. I believe this challenge will help me to stick to the routine and channel me into writing consistently. Obviously I will not publish everyday after this challenge but at least stick to my schedule of publishing three to four posts per week.
  • ENGAGE MORE WITH FELLOW WRITERS : One of my ultimate goals for starting this blog was to connect with people from all over the world and I am happy to say so far I’ve made real genuine connections. By the time I finish with the challenge, I want to have made more meaningful friendships and lifelong relationships. I want to make relationships that I can rely on for acquiring more information from various parts of the world particularly Africa as a whole. I want to see Africans emerging into the best they can be and priding themselves into telling the world how rich they are with historical stories and culture.
  • FLUENCY IN MY WRITING : I am willing to develop my writing skills through this challenge and see how far I can stretch my creative juices everyday.
  • TO PROMOTE MY WORK, VIEWERSHIP AND TRAFFIC : I see this as an opportunity to promote my work as people will start to notice the blog more easily. I’ve heard of a lot of testimonials from people who’s blogs got noticed during the WinterABC in the past two years. People showed their stats as to how much they increased during this period. This ended up inspiring me to believe that I too can benefit with regard to attracting viewership and traffic to my blog.
  • LEARN MORE ABOUT IMAGERY : I have recently started to master Canva and other similar editing Apps. Based on the fact that for the whole month of June, it is going to be recquired of me to spend a lot of time editing images for every post. I am excited because this will be an opportunity for me to start using even more similar editing apps and to start mastering them too.
  • DETERMINE VALUABLE TOPICS TO MY READERS : We will be blogging on a variety of topics and themes. If I can manage to write posts for all the themes the whole month, I will be able to evaluate which week had the most engagement and views. Then I will be able to see which angle or theme to focus on in the future on my blogposts.
  • TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE STORIES IN MY OWN COUNTRY : There are a lot of historical stories that each person can and willing to share about our countries to the whole world. I will take this as an opportunity to do that as I will be sharing with you different cultures in South Africa. I will be sharing things such as the food, the variety of languages, fashion, ethics, tradition, cultural weddings and a whole lot of other things.

As you can see, I clearly have many reasons why I want to partake on the festival. It is not just to have enough content for the whole month but it is based more on self development in becoming a better writer. And I hope it also reflects how willing I am to engage on more audiences.

Let us connect and have fun #WinterABC2021.
Afrobloggers rocks!

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