Do you know the sound of your voice?

Do you know what your voice sounds like? Are you an alto, soprano, or have a hoarse voice? I’m sure from the title of the post, you’re probably thinking this post is about music. Hahaha, not at all. It’s about voices. I’m not sure whether there are better words to describe the rhythm of our voices, but I’m curious to know if you truly know how you sound or how other people describe your voice to be. Is it a tenor, soprano, hoarse, or an alto?
On Monday, I posted a random post about The imagined sound of people, and I thank you guys for showing the post so much love. I didn’t think you’d receive it so well, as it was one of those random drafts I’d kept in my archive for far too long.

This is going to be one of those short, random posts, as I only want to know if you truly know the sound of your voice.

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.


Most of you have blogs but no YouTube channels or podcasts, and you are not even on social media. It’s sometimes difficult to gauge the voice behind your words. I want to know how you sound. Without having heard you, please tell me at once how your voice sounds. Are you a soprano, an alto, a tenor, or do you have a hoarse voice? I am naturally an alto, but it’s so fascinating that at times my voice changes. I sound more manly in the mornings, and my voice will be hoarse. During the day, it will be an alto, and the next thing I will speak with a tenor and go back and forth. Hahahahha. It’s even worse when I make public speeches or direct a meeting. As the speech progresses, my voice will change from serious hoarse to soprano, then back to hoarse, then to alto. Hahahahaa. There are instances when I can feel it, and I make every effort to return to my original voice. We must know the texture of our voices so that we can regulate them when we start to veer off course.
I’ve seen many people who definitely switch to a totally different tone whenever they speak English. I would say, “Couldn’t you speak with your own tone?” You would have sounded so beautifully had you stuck to your original tone. At times, it’s not even intentional; it’s just how we are wired to be. that whenever we speak other languages, we should change the tone of our voices. Obviously, the texture and accent will change to fit a particular language, but not the tone of the voice. 

Are you certain that you know how you sound, or, like me, does your voice change every now and then?
Are you a soprano, an alto, a tenor, or do you have a hoarse voice? 
If it were possible, I would say to record yourselves so that I could hear your voices.
Please describe the sound of your voices in the comments section. 

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From my heart to yours


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