Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts

One of my resolutions for this year is to consume more books than in previous years. Last year I aimed for 40 books but only finished 16. Adulting had me by the neck because I did not devote myself to reading books all that much. I was really not in a good state for the most part; everything overwhelmed me. To top off my commitment to my reading, I’m going to read more and review one book a month. I’ll probably review more books in a month, depending on my schedule. I’m also happy that there is an active online SOG Book Club. We are making every effort to be responsible readers, so this month we read Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Don’t Settle for Safe, which I’m reviewing today, as you saw in the title. What a fantastic read to begin the year with; I truly enjoyed it. 

Don’t settle for safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts

Author: Sarah Jakes Roberts
Title: Don’t settle for safe
Theme: Embracing the Uncomfortable to Become Unstoppable

About the Author

Who doesn’t know Sarah Jakes Roberts? The bestselling author and media personality is the founder of the Woman Evolve movement, intending to help women heal and reach their full potential. She comes from a family of faith. Her parents lead one of the fastest-growing ministries, The Potters House Dallas, Texas. She has authored books such as Dear Mary, Lost and Found, Don’t settle for safe, and Woman Evolve, which she released last year. 

The power for you to overcome is already inside of you. The longer you stay, the more you deny the strength you have to move on. You’re better than the hurt you’ve subscribed to. There is still beauty inside of you. There’s nothing you’ve lost in this process that can’t be restored, but you must determine how you will spend your grace. Don’t give your patience away to people who will abuse it. Don’t give your courage away to people who don’t understand it.



Have twists and turns in your life’s journey led you to faith’s fork in the road? Sarah understands this because she’s been there. Sharing her own missteps, she encourages you to allow the past to empower the present, battle fear by moving forward, draw on the strength of community, and build intimacy with God. Dont Settle for Safe is the book for you if, like me, you are tired of doing the same thing every day and settling for mediocrity. She beautifully opens her own scars to heal each and every woman reading the book. And weaves 
around her personal life experiences—a failed marriage, having a kid at 14, becoming a PK, and subsequently marrying a pastor. Her insight, openness, and vulnerability serve as evidence that God can take even the most embarrassing circumstances and utilize them to reveal His goodness toward people. Prepare to face, expose, and temporarily experience discomfort as you uproot the fundamental hurts, pains, and traumas you experienced in your life.

The success of this book, as Sarah noted in the book, connects us with every aspect of who we are, especially the parts of ourselves that have been hidden behind a smile. Our own experiences have caused us to get used to that, such that we do not quite remember the last time we had a genuine smile. The truth is that some of the most beautiful portions were born from those hurts. There’s beauty in every broken thing. And even when we feel uncomfortable, we shouldn’t give up because everything happens for a reason. The future includes more of God’s promises than we can possibly understand. 

She beautifully touched on letting go of our past hurts and traumas. It was the first time I understood what it truly meant to let go of something. She made it clear that the gift of development necessitates letting go, no matter how deep and challenging that may be. “We have to let go or we’ll experience discomfort and even more pain,” she said. While dealing with our past traumas and hurts might occasionally make us feel uncomfortable and even anxious, doing so is vital to erasing such memories.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts

I’ve had this book in my archives for far too long. And I clearly recall that when it was initially published in 2017, I only read the first three chapters and closed the book. The book was so heavy for me, and I knew I wasn’t ready to face my realities, mistakes, and past traumas. I went back to it in late 2019 and have read it a couple of times since then. Sarah Jakes Roberts is the mentor I never got to meet, but her ministry has positively impacted my life. Her subversive brilliance shines in new and unexpected ways with this masterpiece. Don’t settle for safe. It is indeed recommendable, and you won’t regret it. 

It’s rated 10/10.
Because of its impact on my life.

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SoG Book Club January Read: Dont Settle for Safe. We finished strong. February Read will be announced on Thursday.

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