Embrace being Weird

As a creative, never allow fear of not feeling good enough about yourself make you to stop doing what makes you happy. Your skills and talents are good enough just as they are. Readers enjoy creative people who are honest and do not hold themselves back. You are an amazing ‘weird’ person. Yes sometimes you feel like you are the odd one out from other creatives. You feel like your content is not good enough or you are just too different to fit in the blogging community. Perhaps like me you feel like you do not belong and no one will ever read your work let alone engage – I think it’s important to still celebrate your weird you.

Embrace your ‘weird self’.  At times people might not be as weird as you are or even in the same niche or work you are in, but atleast find people who will appreciate you and accept you for who you are. As a creative you must always strive to surround yourself with similar mindset people as you so that you can help each other to grow. I advise you to find your tribe and get ready to thrive.

Take time out to appreciate people who genuinely supports your weird self and work. Due to Covid-19, life has been very difficult in terms of finances, social issues and emotional stability. So it is only fair to just check up on people closest to you more often and make them feel loved, wanted and special.
We are in this wild adventure of creativity together, without community we are far more likely to fall into isolation because our similar weirdness helps us to learn from each other. Two heads are better than one.

People who normally act weird are the most loving human beings in the entire world. I am yet to meet a cruel and a heartless creative. I have found most of them to be loyal, appreciative and loving because that is how they treat their work. What I realized about creatives is that when they love, they love hard such that they forget about themselves. Their selflessness always radiates within their image. Take time out to pamper yourself every once in a while. Remember that there is beauty in everyday moments.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people arenโ€™t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Steve Jobs

At times creatives are accused of addiction. I was surprised to hear my little sister call me an ‘addict of blogging’. At times you find yourself all glued up on the screen and forget that there is a stack of dishes and a child to breastfeed on the other side of the screen waiting for you. And at times you might not be able to see it until someone points it out to you. To be honest I cannot say we are addicts, we just love what we do and we spend more time and effort brainstorming ideas and creating content. We are not addicts, we are just misunderstood.

Let me be your Life Orientation teacher for a while and ask you this question – What truly makes you to shine bright like a star? What truly distinguishes you from all the other creatives? It could be your tone of writing, your style, the way you structure your posts, images or it could be that you have a lot of sense of humor like Casa or your poems are a bit unusual and thought-provoking. Regardless of how much of a weirdo you think you are – that is what makes the creative world what it is today – It gives it more color. The beauty of life lies within your weirdness and it should be celebrated.

My advice is : Stay weird and humble.
Never allow your fears to stop you from doing what makes you happy. Embrace your weird self and know that it is okay to be different. If we were the same, life would be boring. At the end of the day, weโ€™re all a little weird at heart. 

What makes you different? Do you consider yourself as a weirdo? How different and special are you as a creative?

If you want to be weird. Want to be different. And you want to zig-zag in this life, then you still have time to register your name and participate on the challenge. The challenge still continues. Better late than never.

From my heart to yours



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