Found your eggs through the Cracks?

The past festive season and subsequent holidays have been anything but a cracker. Lockdowns to restrictions to all sorts of fun-challenged events we’ve been looking forward to, atleast these easter holiday coming to the rescue. We may not be in one piece but piece by piece we’ve peacefully surrendered to the long journey home. An annual reset button away from the hustle and bustles of the city life. Perhaps we are not to look forward to finding our beloved Easter eggs instead the mystery eggs through the past year’s cracks.

Perhaps the mystery should be in finding the treasures of life,
as Akhenoton once said a contented mind is a hidden treasure and trouble findeth it not. Let us sit back and appreciate the fact that we made it thus far after the rollercoaster of events that took place in the past year. For what it’s worth, none of us were ready for the pandemic.
Trouble is the one seeking us as we are for once the golden eggs themselves..and so well hidden are we. We look forward to seeing the  trouble bunny hopping frantically through the maze we’ve created to our inner peace.

This Easter I hope you spent time with family, friends, the dogs, the cats and even that annoying neighbour that always goes on about her children’s children life accomplishments from the day they were born till now a century later. Despite all these beloved, quality time spent with the most important people in our lives is recquired and the most crucial….. Spend time with the golden egg itself …. spend time with yourself. Take a moment to appreciate that your mental state is still in one piece.
Time to take out the notepad and kick off that  bucket list. As I previously mentioned about mistakenly uninstalling my notepad App, I have come to treasure more the manual way of writing instead of digital. I learnt the hard way. Therefore take that notepad and scribble down your goals if you haven’t already.

ย  Have you forgotten that your dreams, aspirations, resolutionsย are still in that 9am coffee break?
Guess what? Your life has just been resert and restarted. Its about time to come out of the shell and do the right thing.

Happiest Happiest Easter weekend. My family went from shop to shop looking for Easter costume but didnt find any. We settled for easter eggs, and y’all I’ve had sugar the entire weekend. ………Anyone with detox tips for sugar please?….. I would really appreciate.

When last did you go out to help someone? When last did you put a smile on someone else’s face? How’s that ideal weight goal going? Still keen on riding on a hot air balloon with your loved one/s?
There’s so much to live for. Let’s not forget Christ died and rose again for us. So go ahead and celebrate not just the spiritual rebirth but the victorious life He has given  you.
You have got a lot to live for, go ahead and make the best out of it . Its your world so why not forget  about the material  gifts for once and live a life that shows you are a true Survivor that not even death could stop Him.

Time to resume that infectious life. Let those collegues marvel at your new foundย  happiness. Time to glow in the light and the dark . No longer should you wait for sunset to start glowing but glow even amongst those that were already glowing…
So what are you waiting for? Live that life that you’ve always been dreaming of, you’ve got nothing to lose, nothing to be sad about. It has been proven you are not just a walk over but you walk over all troubles.
Again I implore you to live again and again.

How did y’all spend your easter weekend? How different was it from the previous one? Please check my previous posts.

From my heart to yours, Cheers!!


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