Goal setting in 2023?

Goal setting is like a navigator. You get to know where to go, what to do and how to get there. However many people no longer set goals. I read many articles negating its importance, and I understand where that comes from. People would rather take each day as it comes. Or sometimes they do set goals but do not write them down. That’s still acceptable because there is no formula for goal setting. As long as you have the right tools to implement them, I do not see any problem. Investing in your progress is key.

I found it useful to help you, especially if you do not see the need to set goals for yourself. While we know that the past few years have been challenging for every one of us, that should not discourage us from believing that we can achieve our goals. There have been setbacks along the way, but we keep moving. You can set goals from spiritual wellness, marital, academic, relationships, and finances, to career. And many other aspects of your life that you would like to see changed. For those who have not set any goals yet, I believe this post will encourage you to consider doing so. 
Here we go!

Ways for productive goal setting.

Put them on paper.

Sometimes, the how and what of your goals are not entirely clear. But I’ve come to realize that the more I wrote my goals down, the clearer they became. Writing things down also keeps you accountable by serving as a reminder of the tasks you need to complete. You can always revisit them when you lack motivation. It will serve as a reminder that you have a dream that you once vowed to execute. So get going. It’s about time you went to your nearest store and bought a mini notepad to write some stuff out. You are now an adult. Write down your goals, execute them, and see your life change for the better.

Make sure you set achievable goals.

Many people set goals that are completely unattainable and may not even align with who they are. If you don’t even have a job or any savings, you can’t claim in June of this year that you want to buy a property. You should start by saving money each month to have enough saved up to make a property investment. Set realistic goals because if you don’t, they’ll seem unattainable, and eventually you’ll lose hope and quit. Small, achievable goals will give you motivation. You will be celebrating small wins in the process while knowing that you are aiming for bigger things. 

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Remain focused

It doesn’t help to set goals, have a plan of action, and not be focused. What you are aiming for can only be achievable if your focus is on track. Many of us missed out on a lot of great opportunities and endorsements due to a lack of focus. One may begin with great enthusiasm, but all of a sudden, the desire to put that enthusiasm into action disappears.
And once that happens, there is no way that you will be able to continue to build because the battle is lost in the mind. Focus is the real deal. I’ve studied numerous books on focus, and I’ve concluded that it’s the key to success. Without focus, consistency cannot be established. To be consistent, you must maintain your focus. Remain focused, see yourself advance, and reach the goals you have set for yourself.

How much effort are you willing to put in to succeed?

They always say, “Pay the price for the anointing.” And being a church girl myself, I know what this means. In simple terms, it means you cannot expect to have a close relationship with God if you do not spend time with Him so that He can pour Himself into you. Another example is that of a sportsperson. If he does not train regularly, he cannot expect to perform well on the day of the competition. You learn to pay the price by putting your skills into practice. Are you making an effort to achieve your goals? Are you exercising if losing weight this year is your goal? Do you keep candy and chocolates in your desk drawer at work or do you follow a healthy eating plan? Do something to show that you want to see results. Put more effort into what you want to see, and results will follow.

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Now that you have written your goals, you can see that they are achievable because you became real with yourself, and you can relax and take pleasure in the outcomes. We all work toward results, as long as we follow the right procedures. You will always reap what you sow; therefore, there is no room for dishonesty or manipulative funny business. Regularly assess your objectives to determine where you can improve and what else you can do to achieve even greater and better results.

It will be an honor for me to know that you went ahead and bought a mini notepad to write down your goals and that you went full-on to execute them. You will then reap the results.

What is the importance of goal-setting?
How does it benefit us?
And I would also like to know your reasons if you do not set goals. Let me know in the comments section.

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