Happy Blogversary to me !!

Hi y’all….Its my Blogversary today.
Wow What a full cycle of trial and error on this site.

My blogversary is not necessarily today. I got the notification from wordpress on the 16th. 24th is the day I published my first blog post.

My sincerest gratitude for your continuous support and love. It is much appreciated…I treasure relationships and friendships I’ve created on this platform. It truly means the world to me!!

Growing up my mom always bought me diaries. I learnt diary entries and making plans on the diary at an early age. I was that nerd who wrote notes on a church service whilst her peers were playing hide and seek outside during sermon. I always had something to write on in my bag. if you needed to come to my house I’ll tell you to wait because I have to check my schedule first before giving you permission to come visit me. That truly helped me to be organized in ways I never imagined, little did i know that one day I’ll be a writer that I am today.

Like everyone else, I started this blog because of my passion for creative writing but most importantly I needed a corner to express my feelings and a coping mechanism to deal with my emotions, because wow, I had emotional garbage.
The journey had its ups and downs, I’ve slacked and fallen a thousands times but I still got up because I love what I do. Passion kept me on my toes, otherwise I’d have by far given up. Hahaha.
As I type this, I run out of words to appreciate your continous support and encouragement. Am most grateful for the friendships I’ve made, people who genuinely took their time out to support me. Ke a leboga – meaning Thank you in language (Sepedi).
The imagined sound of someone.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into. What I knew for sure was that I owned a portion on the net and am free as a bird flying on the sky spreading my wings to express myself the best way I know how.

As hard as the past year was, Sanctuary of Greatness mark’s my biggest achievement and It’s surreal to know that I’m still blogging because it was not easy.

I’ve previously penned down the mistakes I made when I started blogging and am most grateful for them because they’ve shaped the writer I’ve become today.
Every mistake I made opened a room for growth.

Cheers to many more years of growth, relatability and friendships.

How was the emotions when your blog turned a yearr old? Was it long or it came sooner than expected? Let me hear on the comments section.
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From my heart to yours.


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