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I’ve always wanted to do blog reviews because I’ve come across so many beautiful, impactful, and enlightening blogs in the last two years that have changed my life. From the beginning of my blogging journey to date. I was reading my friend’s blog,ated Nsaturated thoughts, about how she wants to start reviewing her favorite blogs, and I remember telling her I had the same idea. Great minds do think alike. right? Hahaha. So, I will be reviewing blogs every two weeks on SOG.
 I have not decided whether I should review numerous blogs in one post or one blog per post. Please assist on this one. For today, I will review one of my favorite blogs, Happy Panda. The name sounds familiar, right? Yes, I know!! 
Let’s go!

About the author and blog

The Happy Panda blog is the blog authored by my friend, Moksha, from India. Just like me, her blog was published in 2020. Early last year, she and I collaborated on an article about The Side Effects of the pandemic – In India and South Africa.. It was a fantastic experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Her blog has surpassed the 50k mark in less than two years, with over 2k subscribers and an active community.

It has interesting articles on a variety of themes. Personal growth and experiences, inspirational and informative write-ups, love tales, food, books and product reviews, blogging tips, blog recommendations, travel, rants, fun, and relatable material are some of her key topics. She had previously started her own company, which focuses mainly on sustainable living. The business also has a blog called The Moksha Life, and you can check it out.


Happy Panda has a tagline that says, “Just a girl next door. And, hey, the blog resonates so well with its tagline and relates so strongly with its readers. As a fan, I found myself checking the blog every day to check for new postings, and I have never been disappointed. Her consistency is impressive since her blog is constantly updated with new content. And if she’s overwhelmed and dealing with a lot in her life, she’ll certainly communicate with the readers to take a break.

One thing to keep in mind regarding Moksha is that her realist personality shines through in her writings, and she never beats around the bush about anything. And that is one of the valuable lessons I learned from her β€”authenticity. 

Love and dating stories
 Moksha’s blog is a rollercoaster ride. And as a blogger, I find that amusing because many of us are reluctant to branch out and explore new topics now and then. And it usually limits our reach. She, on the other hand, is a master at it, and her emotive style, her narrative, and the way she describes the characters in her life and how they came to be is incredible. I am thinking of her dating stories right now and marveling at how she would take you through every detail as if you were there with her on a date.
Blogging tips
Her blogging tips are straightforward to execute in retrospect. I’ve read a lot of blogging tips, but the majority of them sounded too complicated for me to understand. Moksha’s blogging advice is clear, simple, and easy to implement. The Beginner’s Guide for Bloggers is one of her blogging posts that stands out for me. Make the time to read the post on her blog

Check Blogging_Advice

The most beautiful thing that happened to me.

She made me fall in love with solo travel. It looks like she has traveled to a lot of states, and she spends the majority of her time traveling alone. In one of her posts, she wrote about safety precautions for ladies traveling alone in a foreign city. I found the post helpful because being a woman alone in an unfamiliar city can be frightening. If you plan to travel alone as a woman, read this article here.
 Her site features some of the meals she prepares, and she is a fantastic cook. I noticed in one of her blogs that she was a vegetarian. However, her dishes are colorful and more appetizing as opposed to some of the vegetarian meals I’ve seen. Her food recipes are also simple and easy to make.
 As you read her blog, you’ll notice that as versatile as it is, some topics are a no-go area for her. You can read her post here, in which she lists some of the things she does not like writing about. You can check it here.

I could go on and on about Moksha and her beautiful blog, but I don’t want to spoil the fun. Visit her vibrant, diverse site, and I guarantee you that you might just want to camp on her blog and even forget to come back to mine. Hahaha!! That is how talented she is.

 I’m looking forward to reviewing your blogs as well. Hit me up with an email if you’d like for me to review your blog at sanctuaryofgreatness@gmail.com. Let me know how you would like this category to be structured. Should I review several blogs in one post or one blog per post? Let me know in the comments section.
Don’t forget to leave Moksha a nice message in the comments section; I will make sure she sees it. 

From my heart to yours


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