Lockdown ‘To-Do’ list??

After the national lockdown publicly announced, most of us were uncertain of what the outcomes will entail during the lockdown but we were compliant. Even in its extension, though there were non- complaints, in most parts, we still became co-operative to the rules.

You’d expect to see people depressed and downhearted by the lockdown, instead majority of people engaged themselves in positive, genuine activities and developed meaningful habits which were beneficial and focused on elements which really mattered.

Timelines on social media blossomed with authenticity and real life activities, for a change it was not what is normally showcased as a mirage. During the lockdown all the illusion was minimal as we get to see reality of people in their homes, cooking scrumptious meals, exercising and spending time with their loved ones. Perfect imperfections indeed.


I also scribbled down priorities of the tasks which I’ve always wanted to complete, but not had time and courage or perhaps wasn’t consistent enough.

MY TO-DO is :

• Spending more time studying the Word and Prayer

I strong-willed to become spiritually disciplined. I determined to set aside time to be in isolation to feed my spiritual being. I needed rejuvenation because I felt emptiness in my innermost self. The word of God and prayer have always been my coping mechanisms.

• Quiet Time

My quiet times are in the mornings. At times it varies with seasons. When I was at school my quiet times were at 3am sometimes at 4am. During the lockdown I shuffled to 5am on the dot. My sleeping patterns had been tampered with, recently I’ve been waking up late, i shifted to 11pm.

• Reading books

Each year I set a target to finish reading a certain amount of books. Past years I’ve managed to read 20books or less per year. Last year I managed to finish 32books. Regrettably this year I miscounted as i read haphazardly. Since the lockdown I’ve read 13books. ( Not too bad I guess ).

• Sharpen my Writing skills

Notepad and pen had been my quarantine partners and we’ve become inseparable ever since. Consistency has made me to be aware of a potential ‘good’ writer in me. Through this skill i discovered a lot about myself as i sprout with grace.


I see myself blogging professionally as my full time job in the future. This blog sanctuaryofgreatness.wordpress.com is the result of my consistency in writing. The journey is still longish but the secret is to be consistent and not lose momentum.

• Exercise

I’ve beautifully watched my body evolve into various aspects I never knew existed. Not only did I benefit physically, i also benefitted mentally. Exercises kept me in one piece and calmed my spirit. I did 20minutes twice a day.

• Spending time with my family

We ran errands together and before you know it we were done and having fun. We’ll get at each other’s nerves at times but family is family. No matter the quarrels, we stick together.

• Practising sign language

I dismally failed to execute this one. I’d anticipate to practise with my mom unfortunately it never happened. Am planning to take a course for lessons and stop procrastinating.

• Learning new cooking and baking recipes

I did not really learn new recipes since my mom has been home, she voluntarily cooked most times. No new recipes so far. I love baking, our oven got broken, no new recipe have been tried yet for baking. I’ll have to up my game once we buy the stove.

• Reflections and introspection

I don’t know about you, but i get anxious when I have to do introspection. I know what it entails and a lot can emerge which will propel me to unlearn some habits in order to evolve into a better version, which am sometimes uncomfortable with. This time i successfully managed to confront my honest feelings and be aware of myself.

We will emerge as we faithfully keep focused and not dwell on the things were failed to accomplish. In this lockdown I’ve learnt to be lenient and patient on myself and not put unnecessary pressure on things beyond my control.

What was your To-Do list during the lockdown and how have you managed to accomplish them??

Let me hear on the comment section your experiences and how you overcame them.

…….See You Soon…….

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