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The Gideon character

Beautiful Sunday to you. I do not usually post on Sundays, but I thought I should come and encourage you about something very close to my heart.NEVER allow fear to…

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Strength of a woman.

Happiest Women’s Day to all the women in our lives. We would like to remind you of your beauty, uniqueness, kindness, and support. Without you, the world would not be….

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3 Misconceptions about Kindness.

Taken from the Oxford dictionary, kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. As a little girl, I used to be kind to almost everyone around me. However,…

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Quotes about Courage.

It’s about time you dared out of your solace zone and began to embark on a journey to the utmost level of your potential. Never entitle the situation happening around…

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