Honor your promises

How many times have you met people who were not able to honor their promises? These are the type of people we live with, myself included. In the past I struggled, I still am, on many occasions in honor of my promises. And it is one of the deformities that cost me some of my friendships. I learned the hard way. It might not have been intentional, but the fact that I failed to honor the promises ended my beautiful hard-earned friendships. I am just grateful that I managed to work on it before it caused more damage to my remaining friendships. Let’s look at some of the damages it can cause.

 Not being able to honor promises is a sign of discourtesy, disrespect, and neglect. Every time you make a promise about something or to someone, you need to make sure you honor it because the damage is drastic more than you can imagine. Plans change now and then but make it a point that you communicate on time. Then they will make other plans, or do not expect anything from you. It is better to spoil the mood than to disappoint someone, which will eventually lead to resentment.

 There are many reasons why people do not honor their promises. And at times, the reason might not be intentional. Here are some of the reasons why people dishonor their promises

 What causes people to dishonor their promises? People have different reasons, but the most common reasons could be that they were either busy, forgot, or something came up, especially if there is no communication.

A lot can go wrong if you do not honor your promises. Here are some of the side effects.

The damages of dishonoring your promises.

Causes distrust

 It is hard to trust a person who does not honor their promises. If they promise today, and they do not deliver. What makes me want to believe that they will do it tomorrow. Whenever such a person makes a promise again, I will say, “We shall see”. He had promised before and never delivered. It will be difficult to believe him next time. 

Breaks relationships

 I almost lost good friendships because of my negligence in honoring the promises I never fulfilled. It is not good to make a promise and not deliver. People will see you as unreliable and negligent. That in itself breaks relationships. 

Kills confidence

 I have realized how much damage dishonoring promises kills one’s confidence. They will begin to wonder if there’s anything wrong with them. They will think you did not honor your words because of that. And feel they are not good enough, or they do not deserve it. Then it causes low self-esteem that eventually kills one’s confidence.

 It is vital to honor the promises which you make to other people. Whether you promised to go out for dinner with them, to buy a gift, or to send money, make sure you honor your promises. Perhaps you do not know why you should honor your promises. 

This is why: There is a reward. There is no way a good deed will remain unnoticed. You will get a reward for honoring your promises.

  1. Builds self-confidence
  2. Maintains relationships
  3. Builds trust – People want to know that they can trust you when you promise to do something. When honor your promises people will view you as trustworthy and reliable.  

 From a biblical reference, in the book of 1Samuel 1, we see a barren woman, Hannah with the bitterness of soul. She had been praying with a grieved heart for a son for a very long time. She was mocked, teased, and ridiculed by Peninah, her sister’s wife. It is hard to endure pain and shame, but to be laughed at by those closest to you is more painful. 

 Hannah made a vow to God that if He could give her a son, she would give Him back to Him. It was a PROMISE she made to God. I believe we all could relate with Hannah because there are vows we make all the time especially if we need something. We will make prayers like, “God, give me a job, and I will assist the needy”. “Do this for me, I will do this and that”. The big question is – Do we fulfill them? Do we fulfill the vows we make? Hannah fulfilled hers, and she received even more than what she was praying for.

 The Bible says she received a word from Eli the priest, saying that she can go in peace because God heard her partitions. It took the Word to free Hannah from her distress and bitterness of soul. The Word gives light and understanding to the humble. It is said to break rocks into pieces and is sharper than a double-edged sword. 

 Hannah became joyful, and her face was no longer sad after she heard the Word. She went and worshipped the Lord. The Bible says, she bore and conceived a son and named him Samuel. After the son was born, she indeed took Him to the Lord in the temple, as per the promise she made in her distress. She faithfully fulfilled the vow. 

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Hebrews 11:6

 God honors those who honor their vows. Hannah received her reward of fulfilling the vow she made to God. She received a blessing from Eli together with her husband. The Lord visited her, and she conceived three sons and two daughters. You see what happens when you honor your vows or promises you make to God? You get His visitation and extraordinary rewards. Hannah prayed for one son, but God gave her more. You receive more when you honor your vows. Honor your vows and see how far you will go. Many of us ask for Jobs, marriages, success in our finances, careers, ministry, and a whole lot. And we make a vow to God that we will tithe, build godly families, and give financial assistance to the needy. And then boom!! 

 Two, three months down the line, we had forgotten, about the vows. Then life goes on. And as time goes we wonder why there is no progress. We forgot that we never fulfilled the vows we made when we were asking Him to come through for us. Learn to honor the vows and watch yourself as you walk in the abundance of God’s grace and faithfulness. He is the rewarder to those who diligently seek him. By grace, goodness, and faithfulness, He granted our petition.

 Be a man and woman of your words and honor them. Let it be known that people can rely on you on anything. And remember to honor the vows you make for the Kingdom. Peace. 

 What are some of the promises you made to people and never fulfilled? How did that affect your relationship with them?

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