Inferiority Complex

This morning I had a “minute” fascinating dream. I believe several times when an alarm buzzes, somehow you happen to snooze it, right? Yes, i know, i do that too. This morning without an alarm, I just found myself awake but I decided to go back to sleep.

As I dozed off for few minutes, I happened to have a “minute” dream which left me in deep thoughts.

Inferiority Complex is a big topic to tackle, this post is an introduction of two other posts scheduled.

First of all, sometimes God will situate you in situations or places in which you will have to use potentials which you never knew existed. Places where you’ll think, ” Ohhhh flip, where have i been all this time?? I actually belong here.

In a dream I was strolling by the mall, as I passed through one of the restaurants I suddenly detoured back in the restaurant. As I got inside, i realized it was not necessarily a restaurant but a gathering of dynamic successful women of different sectors doing great exploits. And they looked like those people with nice life problems, rolling in the money. I even recognized physically challenged people too, mostly deaf seeing that there was an interpreter.

I pinched one of the ladies seated in front of me and asked if i was behind time or not, and she said, ‘Not at all sissy, we haven’t even started’. With a sigh of relief, i got seated comfortably. To be honest I felt inferior, i felt like I was not entitled to be in the room. I gazed around the room…. and gazed…. and gazed and gazed again and again on the ladies and compared myself with them and made a conclusion that am not up to their standard and I felt unworthy of being amongst them.

God’s got you covered.

As I pondered on those thoughts, I looked up and something clicked in my spirit. I said to myself, “Sharon cut the act, you are supposed to be here”. Mind you I just popped out of nowhere so i didn’t look the part. Even the clothes I put on didn’t match the standard. I was ready to justify why i didn’t look the part, surprisingly no one cared. So after those words something lifted in my inner-self.

I started mingling like the rest now that my level of confidence is lifted. Really this was a rollercoaster. The session continued and it was informative and inspirational, I made new friendships and connections.

The dream came to an end, that’s when I woke up. And I immediately reached my notepad to scribble it down because I learnt something out of it.

Sometimes God will put you in situations or places where you will feel inferior and not well fit for the tasks given to you. For instance you will be given tasks above your capabilities, be in rooms with people you never thought you’ll ever be with. Maybe ideas you trying to brainstorm and you think you are not capable of executing them, a promotion at work or you want to pursue a certain career path or course but you feel discouraged.

Let me tell you that you are equipped for such a time as this. From the book of Proverbs 18:16 the bible says, Your gift shall make room for you and put you among great men. This should instil inspiration in you. You don’t need much to be worthy of elevation, your gift alone will do that for you. Period…’.

There was a time when I was down and everything looked unfavourable for me. I received a simple text from my mom which changed my life completely. She said, “Baby, don’t look down on yourself, you also deserve good things coming your way”. I remember this vividly like it was yesterday, i was in a taxi and I shed a tear. I realized how much I’ve demeaned and lured myself into thinking am underseving of anything precious. Everybody else did but me. This kind of thoughts had camped in my mind such that I allowed them to take control far too long. It was a simple text which meant everything to me.

From this point onward, whenever the Lord presented an opportunity which i needed to execute, I’ll embrace it with open arms because I wasn’t looking down on myself anymore. Even if i felt afraid, I’ll do it anyhow, on the grounds that am not alone. The Lord is with me.

There are untapped potentials inside of you to be unleashed, for that to take place, you need to be tested in situations above your own capabilities so that you can see how potentially equipped you are. Until that happens, you’ll never know they actually exist.

This made me to realize that the things you go through in your life, whether good or bad, shapes the person you becoming. It unleashes every strength inside of you. You’ll be shocked at how much strength you possess.

Don’t deter and think its over with you, because it’s not. You are equipped for such a time as this so that you can be elevated to become the best version of yourself.

From my heart to yours….Happy Sunday


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