Introductory Note

It took me long to finally agree to write the Introductory note which practically was supposed to be the first thing I had to do when I started blogging. I guess i was just eager to connect with you from a personal level, everything else had to wait. Truth is I had a lot to share because I’ve been writing haphazardly, so i just wanted to start immediately.

Dumelang everyone ( Dumelang means Hello in my language Sepedi), am Lebogang Sharon Malatji but you can address me as either Shazz, Shazzygal or Lebo. My mom uses both my ID names whenever she’s crossed with me hahaha. So feel free to use whichever name you feel comfortable with. Times have changed now, we proudly use our home language names and we loving it.

Am originally from South Africa in Africa in a more diverse province Limpopo. Am a proud African goddess with every trait which reverberate being African. An empress whose principles are deepened by virtue of originating from the Mother Land, because the beauty of our continent lies within our diversity.

Am turning 25 in September the 30th, am super excited about that. This should be an earnest indication that am no longer a child I used to perceive myself as, but a young adult trying to sort out her life and finding her voice in life.

Above all else am a chief of all sinners who met Jesus Christ and experienced His love and became Born Again Christian . My identity has changed. Am now His follower because His grace is sufficient and located me.

Am an Exhortationist at heart, hence the site title “Exhortations With Shazzy”. It gives me fulfilment to see other people succeed and evolving into the best version of themselves.

This blog is my way of obeying the Lord. I’ve always quietened the thought mostly because I thought i wasn’t prolific and adequate enough. I downgraded my abilities in many ways. I asked myself a lot of questions if ever people will visit my blog, let alone read it. I was skeptical about it, but my passion for writing crowed the loudest inside of me.

The motive behind the blog is :

• Sharing inspiring content to fully pursue God-given mandates and be the best version of ourselves and women sharing their success stories.

• Experiencing moments with inspirational stories from physically challenged people who are striving for greatness against all odds.

• Reviewing of books which impacted my life

• To create a safe place where together we can be transparent, honest and vulnerable.

• Over and above all to study the word of God and be good stewards of Christ.

Am willing to connect with you from a personal level as I’ll pour pieces of me with you and hold myself accountable to deliver the best way I can.

Warm OFFICIAL Welcome to Exhortations With Shazzy.

Cheers to more blogging and lots and lots and lots of fun!! fun!! fun!! in between.

From my heart to yours



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