It’s called adulting ( Part II )

I am continuing with yesterday’s story for the WinterABC2021 Challenge. A rollercoaster for me as it was my first time writing a fictional story. Check Part 1 on the link before you continue with the story.

It’s called adulting ( Part I )

“That guy was…..was…..uuh…one of the interviewers.” Leraro stammered.
Still confused, Jane tried not to make him uncomfortable as they were staring at him like a hawk! And just as they were whispering, Robert approached them and greeted them in a very gentlemanly way. He had nothing but respect. He seemed like the kind of guy who could make any circumstance seem easier and more pleasant. Leraro was kind of taken aback by how good-looking he was!
He asked for a moment with Leraro.

Jane stood and went to the dance floor. Her bubbly personality always worked in places like this, and she could always turn parties upside down with her incredible dance moves.

“Would you like a refill for your drink?”, asked Robert.
“No thanks!”

Robert told her that he was impressed with her answers in the interview. She had never communicated directly with anyone of his caliber. It was a matter of biting the tongue and being careful not to jeopardize her chances of getting a job.
“How desperate are you for the job?” asked Robert as he reached Leraro’s hand and squeezed it gently. It was getting even more uncomfortable for Leraro. He explained how he has a hand in decision-making that she should not be worried about the job. Stunned and agitated, she paused for a few minutes to classify the depth of what she just heard. She already knew what was obliged of her should she take the offer. The mood suddenly changed, she decided to end the conversation as she left the counter to find her friend Jane.

She was starting to feel inadequate. She could not sleep a wink as she had flashbacks of what Robert had said at the pub in the afternoon. She thought about how unfair the world has become for decency. All her skills, experience, and education would be to waste should Leraro sleep with Robert for the job.

The offer was tempting because she has been quite unlucky with jobs. All her peers were already working, and most of them drove cars and lived in gated neighborhoods. Her thoughts played hide and seek with her. She felt caught between a wall and a big rock. She finally fell asleep in the earliest hours of the morning.

When she woke up, her parents had already seated at the table to have breakfast. His father was an old gentleman who lived with sugar diabetes for a very long time. Leraro was still in her room when her father called for her.
“I’m coming, Daddy!

Leraro quickly grabbed her laptop and sent Robert an email. Summarily she told him to crawl to the nearest hell. She refused to sleep with him and told him to keep the job because she is no longer interested. Leraro freshened up and went to join her parents at the table for breakfast. Knowing her parents, she did not even tell them anything because she knows they would not have agreed.

Blue Monday came, people going to work and school, Robert and the rest of the panel met to select the best candidate for the job. It was obvious Leraro was skilled and experienced than the rest of the other candidates. When they asked what Robert thought about Leraro, he showed no interest and told them he was not impressed. He could not give a clear justification why she does not fit the criteria. Previously they all agreed that she corresponded perfectly with the company, now it raised a brow about why suddenly disagreed. Fortunate enough, the majority rules which he was a minority. They all agreed that Leraro would take the position.

Tuesday morning, as hunger woke her up, she went to the kitchen and made herself a few sandwiches, along with strong coffee. This time she ate in her bedroom since her parents were still asleep. She received an invitation to come and sign her contract. She got the job. From someone who had already given up because she refused to sleep with Robert, it was confusing as to how she got the job. She had a lot of unanswered questions. The thought of rejecting the offer crept heavily. She called her friend Jane and told her the good news, they were surprised. Since her parents did not know anything, they were delighted.

Despite the intense atmosphere on her first day at work, the friendly receptionist offered her coffee. She told her to sit by the foyer as she waits for the executives, including Robert. The executives arrived as the whole office headed to the boardroom. They introduced Leraro as the new additional member of the staff. Everyone looked friendly towards her and they went back to their working station.
The senior manager told Leraro that she would be reporting to Robert. He tried to look neutral but it was not easy for Leraro. Robert gazed towards the apartment and was not bothered and never uttered a word. Leraro broke the ice between them and told him not to worry about what happened. It’s all in the past.

The next coming days, Robert made Leraro’s time at work a living hell. He made sure that she suffered for refusing to sleep with him. Leraro never gave in and worked very hard such that the bosses noticed. Within a couple of three months, she got promoted. Robert was now reporting to her. It was an embarrassment for him but Leraro treated him well until he finally resigned on his own and looked for another job elsewhere. His pride would not allow him to report to a woman who was reporting to him before. To him, it sounded ridiculous.

Most of you guessed right, it was one of the interviewers she saw at the pub. What have you learned from today’s story? Have you ever been offered sexual favors for a job? How did that affect you? Is there a system for perpetrators to be punished??

Let’s meet again tomorrow on the last Part of It’s Called Adulting and find out how Leraro’s life turns out to be.

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