It’s called Adulting ( Part III )

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Due to her busy schedule as a Chief Director, Leraro was no more spending time with her boyfriend. Her four years relationship with Floyd suffered. She tried to make the relationship work but never succeeded.
Though he did not share his suspicions, he had a strong feeling that Leraro was seeing someone at the office. It happened that Floyd cheated Leraro with her best friend, Jane. He broke up with Leraro, after three months into the relationship with Jane, they got married.
The failure of the childhood friendship she had with Jane and the relationship she treasured, nurtured, and maintained for too long, led her to a mental breakdown.
She got admitted to a mental institution for six months.

When she came back, her family and colleagues accepted warmly. She had become an asset in the company, said one of the bosses. Therefore she still had her job.
She was ready to start all over again on a clean slate. As far as she was concerned, her health, career, and family came first. Her age mates had houses, cars, and children. She worried less about that. Just when her life was about to change, a devastating breakup happened. Everything she hoped to achieve came trembling down.
Above all else, she seemed to be remarkably content and relaxed with her life. There was an inner voice that reminded her that everything would be all right. Those were the words her mother always whispered to her ears at her lowest.

Just when she had accepted her monotonous loveless life, she met a gentle soul who would never harm an ant. He was a talk-dark and lovely type with a charming accent. Martin was genuinely in love with Leraro. She occupied his mind and wanted to make her his wife.
Not long after meeting, Martin sent his uncles to Leraro’s family to ask for a hand in marriage. Both families came together and married the couple. Martin was not well off compared to other men she dated. He took care of her the best way he knew how and it was enough for her.

They had three beautiful children. Their third child got born two weeks after the burial of Leraro’s father, who succumbed to a heart attack due to his sugar levels.
The mother lived in an orphanage andhey visited her every two weeks. Leraro and Martin were happily married with their beautiful children.

One day Leraro was in bed, fully clothed under the covers, listening to music on her phone. Her husband had gone for a walk at the Park with the children. She had headphones on and did not hear the knock at the door. When she finally gave attention to the last loud bang at the door, she got off the bed.
As she opened the door, she found Floyd with teary clothes smelling like he never had a shower in two months. She looked at him with a harried look and wondered whether reality had finally caught up with her. He begged for food and said Jane kicked him out of their house……
She gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder and told him to crawl to the nearest hell……

What lessons have you learnt from the story? Can you relate to Leraro? Would you believe me if I told you that we all have a story to tell? That our journeys to adulting are different?

Thank you so much for walking this journey with me. It’s been an incredible month of intentional consistency. What l know for sure is that my creative juices overflew. I’ve grown and learned a lot from other creatives.
Thank you so much for your continuous support. I will do a recap of the challenge very soon. Lookout on my blog and stay blessed.

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