It’s called adulting ( Part I )

Leraro was late! She woke up with a start, noting that the sun already has started to rise. She kicked off the blankets as fast as she could and shouted for her mother. Mummy!
At her age, she should probably not have been living with her parents. But she had been unlucky with the jobs and lucky enough to have well-off parents who could afford to take care of her even as an adult. She was late for an interview that they had set up for her with one of their associates.

Mummy! Her mother still did not respond.
She walked towards her parents’ room, still calling out to mum. Mummy came out of the room in a pink dressing gown, asking her to keep her voice low. Your father is still asleep, why are you yelling?
She begged her mum to iron her clothes while she dressed up. After scolding her for close to ten minutes for not preparing the previous night, her mother gave in and started to help her prepare.
Leraro was not a serious young woman!
The cab fetched her and dropped her at the exact location where the interview would be held. Upon her arrival, she found other candidates seated in the foyer.

She greeted them and asked if they also came for the interview. None of them responded vocally, there all nodded their heads and continued with their mobiles may be rehearsing some of the possible questions. Leraro relievedly sighed and sat down with her hands wrapped around a teacup to warm up her cold hands. After a few minutes, one of the assistants came and called Leraro Matjo. She shakingly stood up and followed the assistant.

There were four interviewers on the panel. It was as if they could see right through her that her stomach cried for help. They tried to make her feel comfortable and offered her a seat.
One of the interviewers asked the famous first question: ” Miss, would you briefly tell us about yourself?” The confident Leraro answered in detail as she mentioned her past experiences relevant to the job and her recent accomplishments to score some points. She finally broke the ice as she began to flow, and the nerves were almost non-existent. The interviewers looked quite impressed with all her answers. They lastly ordered her to shut the door behind her. And of course, the famous line, “Do not call us, we will call you”, as she departed.

The other candidates looked like they wanted to ask her how the interview went, hurriedly left, and called the cab to take her back home. The first thing she did upon her arrival, she took off the heels as her feet were aching from wearing heels because she is more into sneakers.
There was silence for few minutes as her mom looked straight into her eyes. Motherly instincts immediately notified her about how the interview penned out. She got even more curious to know. Leraro was not impressed with how the interview transpired. She told her mother that she gave her best shot but still feels like she could have done better. Should she not become the best candidate they were looking for, the job never meant for her. Her mother did not raise her voice that much. It was best to shelve the matter. Instead, she gave her a warm hug and assured her it would be all right.

Leraro was a graduate with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. She looked for a job for a very long time and underwent interviews with no luck. She lost hope such that the parents had to convince her wholly to give that particular interview a chance. It was difficult because all previous interviews she went, came back negative. That truly crushed her spirit.

She grabbed her phone and called her friend to meet her up for drinks at the local pub. She excitedly changed into comfy casual clothes to meet up with her friend. Leraro phoned Jane to ask about her whereabouts. Jane had already arrived at the agreed location, sipping a drink at the counter. Leraro puts her mobile phone back in the pocket jacket and finally went inside. Their eyes locked to each other’s as they hugged, ordered drinks, and catch up. As she was trying to update her about the interview, she suddenly froze after seeing a particular guy. Jane asked what the problem was?
Leraro answered and said that guy was…..

…….to be continued.

How long have you or someone you know been looking for a job? How has it affected your mental health? How is life after graduation compared to when you were still in school?

Leraro answered and said that guy was……Who do you think the guy was?

For the Winter ABC challenge, this is my first time trying out a fictional story. Please also give your honest opinions as to how and where to improve.

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