Love Kinks

The love you gave defined me.
My heart posture is evident.
I woke up to a new “me,” which you had to prune to the core.
The root of insecurities was too deep.
But you still endured.
The source of animosity toward the other gender vanished.

It was easy for you to give up.
However, you clung to me.
I was not lovable enough, but your love covered me.

The beauty of love made sense to me.
And realized that love is indeed beautiful.
It was smooth, exhilarating, and intentional.
If it causes pain, then it’s not love.
If it causes discomfort, then it’s not for me.

No insecurities whatsoever 
The heart is filled to the brim with joy.
My veins and my very essence
Why giggles?
giggles because I’ve never witnessed love so deep,
and so tense.

Deep to the core, yet so kind and gentle
Deep to the core, yet so forgiving and merciful
Have you ever been loved with mercy? 
The most precious thing ever
Love is the most beautiful color.
Enjoy it, feel it, and live it.

Words came flooding as I was thinking about how love covers all records of wrongs. The sensation of being loved right. I’ve seen a lot of people who all of a sudden look very beautiful and happy after they’ve found love. Have you seen the fireworks in the air when you encounter newlyweds? The love is just too evident not to be recognized. Most of them even start gaining cute weight because of this newly found love. This is what the words in this piece evoke. I mean, February is said to be the month of love. We cannot help but think about our loved ones and the emotions they evoke in us. Many of you experienced intense rage as children as a result of being rejected by your parents, sisters, and brothers. Some of you lost your parents at a young age, and it has been challenging to find people who genuinely loved you. But one day you woke up to a brand-new world, and God brought folks who genuinely loved you to the core, flaws and all. It might be a friend, spouse, neighbor, total stranger, churchmate, coworker, and so on. The love is deep, and you know without a doubt that they’ve got your back. 
Have you ever met someone whose love and presence in your life changed the course of your life? Let me know in the comments section how someone came into your life and showed you love that you had never known and for which you are grateful.
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From my heart to yours


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