Self Love

Love is the fundamental rule of humanity. Without love, we are yet to face many troubles in this world. Amid all the uncertainty in the times we live in, LOVE YOURSELF. We just celebrated Valentine’s Day on Monday, and I’m sure we pampered our loved ones with presents, affectionate love letters, and all the fine things.

Let me give you a friendly reminder, please do not forget to LOVE yourself in the quest of pampering others. It might sound cliche and outdated, but believe me when I say it, do not forget to love yourself.
The more you love yourself, the more you will love those around you. You cannot love others from an empty vessel, you need to love yourself first. The Bible says Love your neighbor as yourself. The notion here is to love yourself, that you may love others, the way you love yourself.

In this month of love, I want to remind you to Love yourself and the world will love you back. It’s easy to lose your sense of self in the hustles and bustles of life. But you come as a priority. Prioritize yourself so that you can have something to offer to people.

Here are some of the simple ways I use for self-love. They are more mental-based, and they keep me grounded. I believe they will be of help to you as well.

Be patient with yourself
Patience is a virtue. It gets cultivated when the mind is stable. When you face a setback, you will not panic because you understand, it is not your time yet. Everything happens at its appointed time. Allow yourself to grow at your own pace without any pressure from people. Be patient with yourself. Do not deprive yourself of the beauty which comes with being patient.

Set achievable goals for yourself
If you want to see progress, set achievable goa, and faithfully work towards them. As you celebrate small wins, you begin to develop courage and realize that you can do more than that. Your mind will start to be open to executing more tasks because of that small win.

If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

Unknown ~

Pay careful attention to your habits.
Make sure your daily habits, are in sync with your goals, not moving you from your position of power.
I do not deny that there are unexpected challenges we encounter every day in our lives. We are distracted all the time, but we should always make sure we crawl back to the right path. And also, develop habits that will eventually draw us closer to anything we want to achieve.

Take yourself out on solo dates
I cannot stress this one enough. Solo ice cream dates are a must-have for every human being. It’s not only applied to women, men too can take themselves out for a solo date. It is mind-blowing. As I write this post, I’m in a coffee shop, just finished having my carrot cake with hot chocolate. My heart is so full. Try this one, and please come back to report how it went. You’ll thank me later.

Prioritize you, and the world will catch up.
Love yourself, and the world will love you back.

What are some of the things you do as self-love? I’ll read the comments.
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From my heart to yours


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