New Adventures.

Do you see life see as adventure? Are you always on the lookout for new experiences and do you take advantage of new opportunities?
Some people are real adventures, but some are a bit more hesitant about new experiences.

If you are one of the hesitant people it may be because new things are a bit scary. You may feel that you’re not in control of your life or that its racing forward due to newness of things. Perhaps that’s unsettling…..

I have missed a lot of opportunities in my life because of fear of taking new adventures and challenges. I’ve always been afraid of challenges.
It was not until I realized that I had a lot to offer, that my eyes were indeed enlightened and I began to take risks, new challenges, adventures and opportunities.

It’s about time that you step out of your comfort zone and step into new adventures. If you dont take risks, you’ll never know how much of potential you possess.

As most of you might have noticed, my blog also includes stories of disabled people.
I’ve realized that they all have experienced critics and been looked down at, but one thing they have in common is the courage of stepping into the unknown and not being afraid of taking risks. They’ve all embraced new adventures and seized every opportunity presented to them.

I reckon most of you aren’t physically challenged as others. Take it as a motivation to step up and do your best.

The most unfortunate part which we not aware of is : Opportunities comes and goes. If we do not take advantage of the ones presented to us, we should know that we are likely to lose them. And it will not wait for us to firstly open our eyes to see them, no, it will pass and we’ll live regret.

It might happen that another opportunity may be presented to us because the best part of life is that it gives second chances. Unfortunately it won’t be the same one we’ve missed. Probably a more similar one.

Seize the opportunities presented to you with tenacity and do your best.


Do you see life as an adventure? Are you afraid of new adventures? Are you afraid of taking risks?

Let me hear from you

From my heart to yours


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