Overcoming Inferiority Complex

For far too long I’ve felt like I was less than anyone else. I had unrealistic feeling of inadequacy and thought everyone was well deserving of everything precious but me.

I felt like I was unable to execute certain tasks or acts even though i knew i was completely capable of doing so. I found it hard to articulate why i felt inferior. It was an emotional sense which i carried with me, privately and painfully.

It’s only a week ago that I discovered that these kind of feeling is summed up as a phenomenon known as Inferiority Complex. That’s when I started making research on the subject looking at my own life.

Inferiority Complex can be caused by many things:’-:…

1. Comparison

We are graced with technology and it has created a platform for us to capture good moments of our lives, unfortunately that’s what it is, ” Good moments”. No one will ever put their bad moments on social media. Hence we saturated in the outside of people’s “seemingly” exciting and beautiful lives. We compare ourselves to them and begin to look down on ourselves.

2. Constantly reminded of your limitations

We all make mistakes in life, but it becomes a problem when we are always reminded of who and what we were in the past even if we’ve moved on and trying to be better people.

3. Low self esteem

Your mental image is low based on false ideas about yourself. There’s a label you have attached yourself to. You see yourself as inadequate, unsuccessful, failure or anything else.

4. Social approval

How many times do you go all out just to be approved by people? This is normally because you don’t feel good about yourself such that you constantly feel the need to validate yourself to people.

5. Hopelessness

Feeling that whatever you do just can’t be enough as you are supposed to be, no matter how well you do it.

Here are some of the signs to look out for :..-….

1. You are a perfectionist

You find yourself trying to be perfect in everything you do. Am naturally a perfectionist, which to some extend led me into believing I’m not bound to make any mistakes and when i did make one, it was hard to forgive myself.

2. Sensitivity to criticism

You are highly sensitive to what people think about you. This usually makes you to take offense even when no offense is intended. I’ve always cared about what other people thought of me. Now I’ve grown into a better version of myself.

3. Finding faults to others

You tend not to see any good in others. Everything they do, is not good enough in your sight. And not because they aren’t but its simply that you don’t feel good enough about yourself.

4. You don’t believe the compliments.

You are not comforted by positive feedback, or if you are, it does not last for long. When you don’t feel inferior about yourself, it is likely to affect how you take compliments. It will be as if you are being attacked.

5. Social withdrawal

We are in the midst of global pandemic which demands social distancing. With this symptom you tend to withdraw from people who cares about you and shut yourself down from them. Sometimes you feel unworthy of good friendships as you feel everyone around you is better than you.

Like I’ve already mentioned, I’ve always felt like am undeserving of my accomplishments. Such that I’ve fooled people into believing that am capable.

My inability to accept my gift made me feel like a fraud for too long.

Not only did it prevent me from enjoying life, but it massively limited my potentials.

I happened to turn down wonderful new opportunities presented to me because I felt inadequate.

Here is a list of how I managed to overcome feeling inferior.

1. Read the word of God

This has helped me to rediscover myself and my identity. The word guides, saves and cleanses. Its proven to be perfect and a shield to those who trust in Him. I rest assure you that it will burn all the insecurities and feelings of inferiority. You’ll begin to see yourself for who you truly are.

2. Pray

It’s very cliche to tell someone who feel inferior to pray but let me tell you that PRAYER works. It has changed my life. I don’t go around feeling inferior about myself anymore. Am more stable because I know who I am in Christ.

3. Practise positive words of affirmation.

Whenever you feel down, normalize to say reassuring words to yourself. A positive mental attitude can be developed over a period of time by listening to inspirational people, reading books or by just being around positive people.

4. Journaling

I’ve discovered that my coping mechanism has always been writing my feelings down. We aren’t the same, journaling might not be your ideal remedy but try it out and see if it will not help you to ease the way you feel.

5. Find good in people

Believe me, a compliment can go a long way. I practiced finding good in people that it became my habit. I don’t hesitate to notice a new hairstyle of a friend or even notice a cute nail polish or bracelet. It’s beautiful to watch how all of a sudden the countenance automatically changes.

6. Wise perfection illusion

There’s nothing which sparks inferiority more than a flawed belief that we need to be perfect somehow. Being human is awesome, forgive yourself and move on. Heck – your screw ups may even inspire others. Who cares anyway. -.

Quoted :

In order to effectively overcome Inferiority Complex, it is important acknowledge that you suffer from the problem and get help right away. Denial is the worst hurdle to progress.

Lets hear your experiences with Inferiority Complex and how you overcame.

From my heart to yours


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