Pursue Your Mandate

Purpose makes room for greatness, and greatness results once purpose is discovered. We are all born for greatness therefore for you to be great, you firstly have to know your purpose.

One of my abilities in this world is to make people aware of greatness in their innermost selves.

When I was a student, i remember how sympathetic I emerged when i realized how much of potentials are flushed down the drain by my peers. On repeated occurrences, the Holy Spirit whispered to me that something needed to be done. In most cases my response will be prayer, whilst I was veritably aware that something needed to be done instead. Prayer wouldn’t have gashed it alone, an action needed to take place.

I still remember vividly when the Holy Spirit prompted me to hold sessions with my fellow students and address affairs pertaining women including purpose. It took me a while to comprehend the entire assignment, until i succumbed and inescapably conformed to go ahead with the assignment. I had no idea through what medium would that be executed. Knowing my introverted self I was hesitant in every kind of way. I begun research on purpose, well, just to appear enthusiastic, but deep down in my bosom I knew I was hesitant. Funny enough I prepared myself, just in case i invariably decides to go ahead with the mandate.

Women’s Day 2018. On campus

I finally succumbed to do it no matter how fearful and inferior I felt. My heart knew I had to do something if I’m legitimately concerned about other people finding their purpose as i claim to be. The execution of the assignment began.

Nota Bene :

You see, once you decide to step in your purpose and fully pursuing it, am rest assuring you that everything falls into place. At this period, no matter what you encounter, the Lord will always come through for you.

I have always had a desire to hold sessions with women from all denominations to tackle controversial topics, to motivate, provoke each other towards greatness and evolve into exceptional stewards of Christ. I knew I needed to extend the invitation beyond the church margins. I extended the invites to every lady I got a chance of meeting, at times class by class, sort of how evangelists carry out soul winning. Kikkkkkk.

We were approaching Women’s Day in August. Ultimately I knew I was relevant and right on time.

The first class I approached, i requested the lecturer to use few minutes of his time to address the ladies. To be honest I had mixed emotions. I was frightened but at the same time excited and my heart was filled with peace which literally surpassed all understanding. That is how I felt. When you obey the Lord, you will feel a sense of peace by virtue of knowing you are not alone and you are encompassed by divine protection.

Women In Power 2018

With immeasurable confidence, i faithfully spoke about the pursuit of purpose and how most people revolt into malicious acts like substance abuse, sex, crime and gangsterism, due to emptiness crowing in their hearts for purpose and fulfilment. That was how my ‘Public’ speaking got launched. I was not aware at the time but when i reflect back, i realise that actually that’s where it all began.

First time speaking in a setup outside of church, what a rollercoaster. The only crowd I knew and had gotten used to was, ‘ Hallelujah praise the Lord, there’s victory in the name of Jesus’. It was indeed an experience. You’ll be shocked to realize how hungry people are of affirmations and stamp of approvals, waiting earnestly to be told they matter and how humanity awaits of their greatness. People want to know how valuable they truly are, and they are waiting for you and I to do our parts. Not necessarily due to deficiency in confidence, but because their destiny is dependent upon you fully pursuing your purpose.

Everyone was so attentive, you could literally hearken the sound of a needle falling. I could see eagerness right through their facial expressions, it was as if they were saying, “Where have you been, I’ve longed for this for too long”. Somehow their expressions exposed my negligence in pursuing my Purpose. It brought tears to my eyes considering that i hindered people’s deliverance for too long. Their deliverance depended on my obedience.

The purpose message did justice to their previous souls. Within those few minutes the Lord showed up and ministered to them. Inasmuch as they were ministered to, i was also being ministered to. This took much out of me as my negligence was exposed and i had to repent.

Forgive me ladies. I lost most of the other pictures. 🤗🤗

In the lecture room, we addressed everyone but the target was the ladies as we invited them to join us for Women’s Day celebration. I went back and wept before the Lord on the grounds that it was a massive deal for me. Not only was it because I was afraid initially and managed to articulately spread the message, but because we had people who will be under our care and responsibility. We weren’t ready for such a massive accountability. We just surrendered and did our part, and had to give way for the Lord to do His part.

Confidence was built up and insecurities faded away. We were happy with the transformation which occured and we believed that the Lord will come through for us.

For a mere verifiable truth that i saw a need to raise awareness to people about greatness in them and pursue their purposes, in that need the Lord found it befitting that i become a representation of purpose driven-life and be a solution to them.

Few days prior to the session, i embarked on a 3days fast. Hahaha you must understand am coming from. I knew nothing except about the power of prayer and fasting. Anything which needed to be done outside that, ohh unfortunately i neither had a pointer nor clue. I wept before the Lord ‘again’. This time around I asked for provision. Firstly, the ladies confirmed their presence. Secondly I had nothing to offer them except the Word.

Not so long after I prayed, i received a bank notification of money in my account. I shouted like there is no tomorrow. My heart leaped with gazelle of joy and exultant delight and my spirit overjoyed. Not only did I have a word for the ladies, but refreshments too. We would be able to do catch-up through fellowship and ‘swallowship’ as we munch together.

Eventually the day came and we held our session. We expected a large quantity of people considering how we went all out to extend the invitations, but a few number of people attended and the Lord had a specific word for their lives. Even if one person showed up, it would have still became a success. One of our supportive lecturer joined us and it was a blessing. A seed was planted and those who came were God-sent because the word which was ministered to them was equivalent to their touching stories.

My lovies

…….indeed the relevance of the word which was ministered divinely intervened and transformed their lives…..

What a blissful day it was. Assuredly I realised the importance of fully pursuing purpose to bless humanity and become a vessel of transformation. The lives of the ladies were dependent on us as we obeyed to take our power and do what was recquired of us. We beam with a colgate smile as we watch them live meaningful lives in their spheres of influence.

You are born for a specific mandate. There is a mandate with just your name on it. Intil you do it, humanity will remain as it is. Keep in mind that your disobedience delays other people’s deliverance. You are qualified to be used as a destiny changer for your generation. Discover your mandate, do your part and expand the Kingdom.

*****PEACE *****


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