Quotes from South African heroes who fought for Liberation.

As a nation in South Africa we celebrate FREEDOM DAY on the 27th of April.
We celebrate the relentless efforts of those who fought for liberation, of the many men and women who took up arms and courted imprisonment, bannings and torture on behalf of the oppressed masses.
“We commit ourselves to ensuring the defence of the sacred freedom that we had won as a result of a long, difficult and costly struggle. We remind ourselves that the guarantee of these freedom requires permanent vigilance”.

I am not so much into politics but I acknowledge the sacrifices our heroes of the struggle had to endure. It is therefore a pledge to devote ourselves to continue to work to wipe out the legacy of racism in our country. We need to ensure that all our people enjoy these freedom not merely as theoretical right but as a will to make South Africa a better country.

Here are the quotes from powerful men who fought for the struggle in South Africa, including the late Nelson Mandela.
Cast your eye downward and be inspired.

There is no easy walk to freedom abywhere and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain tops of our desires.

Nelson Mandela

I’ve devoted my life to see equality for blacks, and at the same time, I’ve denied the needs of my family. Please understand that I take these actions, not out of selfishness or arrogance, but to preserve a South Africa worth living in for blacks and whites.

Steve Biko

Hatred, revenge and bitterness – these are negative emotions. The person harboring those emotions suffers more.

Ahmed Kathrada


My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of the freedom. Tell my people I love them, they must continue with the struggle.

Solomon Mahlangu


We have a vision of South Africa in which black and whites shall live and work together as equals in conditions of peace and prosperity.

Oliver Tambo


It is a law of life that problems arise when conditions are there for their solutions.a

Walter Sisulu


I do not hate the white man, you see, his position of domination has placed him in a position of moral weakness

Albert Luthuli


I remember the day we were arrested in Rivonia. I quickly went around the chaos and without saying a word, I indicated that this was what we were going to get [slicing finger across the throat]

Govan Mbeki


The titanic effort that has brought liberation to South Africa , and ensnared the total liberation of Africa, contitutes an act of redemption for black people of the world.

Nelson Mandela


I got overwhelmed by emotions as I was researching the quotes and reading about the history of the South African freedom fighters. There’s still more to be done in our country but from what I read, the nation turned out to be exactly what the heroes fought for and against. They fought for freedom, peace and rights (etc). And today South Africa turned out well as a democratic country in which our opinions matters.

Nelson Mandela statue resembling him as the Boxer in front of the Magistrates Court in Johannesburg.

Food for thought :

You have freedom to know that you are not a bird and no net ensnares you. You are a free human being with an independent will. One thing I appreciate about freedom is that it’s not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. We are all bound  to make mistakes, therefore do not be hard on yourself. Franklin Roosevelt  once said β€œIn the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.” We must be free not because we claim freedom but because we practise it.

From my heart to yours



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