Random Facts About Me

Since I started blogging, most of my fellow bloggers wrote in posts about random things about themselves. For the longest time, I always thought I was boring and did not entirely have anything interesting except my long posts of encouragement, of course. Hahaha. I never wanted to participate. After realizing that I have a community of more than 700 people, who genuinely loved and supported me, I did not have to change my personality to fit in. I changed my mind and decided to let you in my ‘boring’ life of an introvert. I know you would not judge me.

This post is for you, friends. I have listed some of the things you could never have guessed about me from the other side of the screen.

Here we go, and I hope they resonate with you -… Let me know if you and I have the same random things about ourselves.

Random facts about me.

I bite my nails more often than I should.
This usually happens when I am anxious about something. Someone once shouted at me, “Sharon, stop thinking about your nails”. I would not even realize the damage I made to my nails until someone alarmed me. I usually wear nail polish – though it does not last long. I then resorted to manicures simply because I could not bite artificial nails.

I find it difficult to fall asleep with heavy sheets/blankets.
No matter how cold it is, I prefer lighter blankets. I find it difficult to fall asleep if the blankets are heavier. The fewer the blankets, the better sleep.

Random fact about me: I have a pile of pyjamas
Chances of me not buying a new pair of pyjamas when I pass by the mall are too slim. The force of attraction is too strong, especially if I saw cute short, silky pyjamas hanging by the racks through the windows. I am most likely to be tempted to buy. I have a pile of them in my wardrobe, which some of them I never wore.

Random fact about me: I love solitude.
As much as I love being around people, I still demand my own space. Some people find it tough to be alone. They’d rather be amongst people, have a television or a radio on, put earphones on for loud music, and so forth. I prefer solitude because it allows me to be my own best friend. After all, when all things have been said and done, the only person to stick with me, it’s me and no one else.

I love my toes
As a young lady, I had several insecurities about my body which I will not mention today, but I took comfort in my cute. I have clean toes that look nicer with any brighter colored nail polish. I also love how they look with sandals.

I don’t drink alcohol
Boring!! I know! It’s one of those facts which I would love to keep as they are. I don’t think it will ever change, hahaha. Unless I attempt to drown my sorrows in the bottle, especially in my dark days. People drink for different reasons, guess, I haven’t found mine.

I love reading
Buy me a book, and you will be my best friend forever. I love the smell of new books, especially, hard copies. I simply cannot wait to indulge in someone else’s mind and research. My personality also changes into the recent book I am reading. I am very weird! I know!

I am very clumsy
I do not know how many times I banged my head against the wall and sliding doors missed steps, tripped by the cables, or just fell on the ground for no reason. I have scars to prove of it. I have recently visited my sister at her house, and even lost count of the number of plates and glasses I broke. I think I should buy her a new set as a Christmas present.

I have never been on a plane
Speaking of traveling, I have never been on a plane. I discovered that I am so scared of heights after my road trip to Three Rondavels. I think I will overcome this one because am planning to start traveling once I become financially stable.

I am the deputy mother
I am the firstborn child with two siblings. They officially gave me the title of a “Deputy Mother”, because I do not take non-sensical behavior. I believe they will thank me in few years when they realize that I was not just harsh for no reason. I had the best interest at heart.

I guess this should give you a picture of the kind of a person I am. There’s not a lot to know about me. If I think of other random facts, I will make another post. For now, this is it.

Thank you for always supporting me and choosing to stay with me on this journey.

Do let me know your random facts on the comments section.

From my heart to yours


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