Most romantic thing

It is hard to point out one thing as the most romantic thing that happened to me. I am a ‘sucker’ of love. I have an eye for love and romance. I see love everywhere. I do not allow myself to miss out on an opportunity to see love in small little details. Growing up, I remember, I prayed to God to give me the heart to accommodate and love everybody. I think that’s where the ”People’s pleaser” syndrome stemmed from. I had a desire to love everyone and treat all of them the same.

I did not have a decent example of love and romance from my parents, as they were always fighting, and my dad was abusive towards my mother. There was no affection and warmth between them. And I remember saying to myself that I did not want to live as they did.

Honestly, I love love. I love to be loved, and I love people. I did not want to give people love from an empty vessel because I would burn out. I began to love people so that they could love me back. That, for me, is romance. You know, when you go the extra mile to do something for someone, that is romance for me. According to Wikipedia, romance is a feeling of love for, or a strong attraction towards another person. I get it. But for me, romance is that extra effort that one commits to do for me. It does not have to be sexual to be romantic. The little gestures, and besides, It’s the thought that counts, right? I think my friends Kinene Shadray and Casa would elaborate better on this subject.
I had to bring that up before I tell you my most romantic things that ever happened to me as a build-up. So that you may understand where I was coming from – I see love everywhere.


The most romantic thing that happened to me was in primary school. Although I am a late ‘bloomer’, there was a guy with whom I went to first grade with. He liked me but had no idea how to express it to me. We were still young and had not fathomed what love is. All I knew was that we liked each other.
Back then, we had no cell phones. He would write letters for me in class and flung them on my desk. I used to get disturbed, but deep down I knew I liked it. We all know that, as women, we say things we do not mean, right? I remember reading them to my deskmate, and she would say, ‘Ncoohh, that’s sweet’. Although I did not think much about the letters, I felt some type of way. It was a daily activity for a long time.
It was taboo to date at the time, let alone be receiving letters from boys. Just when I thought it was just a game, rumors started spreading in my class that I was dating him. People were afraid of me because I was one of the brightest learners in my class, so they could not say it to my face.
One day someone in class, one naughty guy, stood in front of the class, and said, “Lebogang is dating Timothy” ( not his real name). I became painfully shy, embarrassed, and uncomfortable. When I looked at him, he was giggling from ear to ear. You could see that he enjoyed the moment because he was in love with me. Seeing him like that made me feel “awkwardly” special, wanted, and loved – though I did not want to admit it to him and the entire class. That was romantic for me.
Oh, and the letters will forever be cherished in my heart. The most heartbreaking thing is that I tore and threw them away. I wish I kept them safe.

What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you?
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