Shooting my Shot Part1

Hey Guys ….Welcome to my blog.

I certainly sought counsel and Yes the decision was taken and finally agreed to go ahead with it. On the previous post I did not disclose what the decision entailed.

Well relax. I’ll take you through what it was about :

One day as i engaged in my daily errands during the lockdown a thought crawled in my mind. ” What if i enter Miss South Africa”. It must have resulted from the fact that i looked slim and fit at the time, i don’t know. I was just certain of the thought and had to decide whether I want to enter or not.

Initially I thought it was just a thought which will eventually lose its colour with time but the more I pondered on it, was the more I realized the seriousness of this thought.

I was becoming convicted in my spirit to take a leap of faith and enter the pageant. I wanted to be fully certain about it.

I randomly started to throw hints to my mom and siblings. Knowing what a hard nut I had to crack to convince my mom, i was hesitant. But the more I hapharzedly threw hints to her, the more convinced she became and she came on board and supported me.

That’s just my mom in a nutshell, the most supportive human being.

You see sometimes people are not going to initially be convinced of your dream. No matter how brilliant it sounds. It will require your relentless bravery to stand on your legitimacy and believe in it yourself. As you persist in your pursuits, they will automatically come on board to support you. Your dreams are valid, believe in them yourself and commit to your craft, eventually people will follow.

Never ever have I ever been as bold and courageous as i have with entering Miss South Africa. Whether I make it or not, i already weighed the level of my courage and bravery, it is humongous and extremely immeasurable. From here i am certain that nothing can stop me from achieving ANYTHING.

One of the requirements was to take a 45seconds entry video and post it on social media.

This is my official entry to Miss South Africa 2020.

Please go to my Instagram page lebogang_shazzygal_malatji.

Like and share the video as the journey beautifully unfolds.

My next post am discussing why i entered Miss South Africa 2020 and what I’ll do should I win the pageant.

Thank you ****

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