Shooting my Shot Part2

Allow me to take you through my journey as an entrant for Miss South Africa.

First of all, I’ve never entered any pageantry and i never imagined myself fit of the pageant. Growing up I’ve always watched the Miss South Africa pageantry being broadcasted on tv and I’ve never missed it.

“Watching all the beautiful girls walking down the stage looking all kinds of beauty have always been amazing. Well at times l wished it was me but never ever have the thought of seeing myself on the stage entered my mind.”

I thought and assumed this was for beautifully toned ladies who perhaps doesn’t eat pap like I do. If you were born in my family you’ll know how much pap is a huge common factor in every meal. So I said to myself there is no way someone like me who eats as i do would ever walk that stage. Besides, i have never in my life since I was born for the past 24 years have I ever wore a bikini let alone in public. So it was a rollercoaster.

Miss South Africa pageant will be my first ever pageantry I’ve ever tried. It was after i discovered what it entailed that i said, ‘Wow, this organisation really speaks to me more than I can imagine. Despite the glitz and the glams which of course comes as a package, to me It was a reflection of what i believed in and stands for.

This platform is a good representation of our nation for what it truly is. And I saw myself to be well fitted as that representative.

On the next post I’ve tried to sum up and answer some of the possible questions to be asked at Miss South Africa pageant with honesty as possible.


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