It is in our nature to desire to be regarded as the wisest people. That on its own, its okay. You want your family, friends, children, spouses, loved ones, colleagues (etc), to regard you as the shoulder to cry on. To have all the answers especially when it comes to advices. Am quiet sure i have witnesess to attest to that.


At some point in my life I stopped desiring to have all the answers. I sought after the Wisdom of God. My own wisdom and strength debilitated me. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was after i studied Ephesians1 that my eyes were indeed enlightened. I realised it is in the heart of God to impart us with His wisdom and make us intelligent, yes i said it, intelligent, you should read it with MessageBible.

His wisdom will reveal the insights of the mysteries and the deep knowledge of God. He wants us to be discerning in knowing Him personally.


Many of us grew up in church and we kind of know how to play church in the most excellent way. We know all the church tactics, from how to speak till to walking in heels. And we somehow missed the relevance of knowing Him personally for ourselves. The Lord wants us to outgrow that knowledge and know Him and possess His wisdom and absolute understanding of His knowledge.


. Listen, spiritual wisdom will not only enlighten the eyes of your understanding, but it will flood the eyes of your heart with light. Literally pluck in the light through your heart. How amazing is that? Were you aware that a heart has eyes?? Certainly it does, I was not aware too, until i read Ephesians1. Your eyesight shall be flooded with light.

David Oyedepo

Wisdom ensures that you enjoy supernatural rest. Peace of mind, peace in your home and everywhere.

You will clearly see the hope of His calling. His purpose and assignment shall be fully detailed to you once your heart is flooded with light of His wisdom. It is possible. You will understand the wonderful future and how rich are His glorious inheritance for you, yes you reading this post. It is time for you to grasp the immensity of His glorious inheritance. Develop a desire of His wisdom to claim all that belongs to you.


We all ought to flourish. Am not talking about flourishing materially. Having possessed flashy cars, staying in gated neighborhoods and all that which money can offer. Am not talking about that. Its okay to flourish materially, am absolutely not against it. But am talking about flourishing in the immeasurable, unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power and might. I mean, the endless and boundless strength from the Lord.

Living your everyday life witnessing the proclivities of the utter extravagance of His work. Sometimes its in the small things that we are able to witness His proclivities.


Like recently, been exercising just trying to avoid the lockdown syndrome of eating. Its a trap… ( giggles ). I had a twist on my thigh and it was painful. I told my lil sis but numbed the pain and the day continued. In the evening, i was praying and immediately as i finished to pray, i wanted to use the loo.

Thinking i still had pains, when i got off bed, i walked limping not knowing i was completely healed. As i took a step i felt no pain whatsoever. You should have seen me, i was too happy and praised God wholeheartedly. Awed at what God had done, i sang songs of praise. Its quiet a small testimony but i thank God i saw His hand at work. Otherwise I would have missed Him.


I pray that your eyes be enlightened such that you never get to miss even the small detailed proclivities of God in your life. All things are put under His feet and He is appointed universal and supreme Head over your life. He makes everything complete. Our sovereign Lord.

Be enlightened.


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From my heart to yours


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