Strength of a woman.

Happiest Women’s Day to all the women in our lives. We would like to remind you of your beauty, uniqueness, kindness, and support. Without you, the world would not be. Had you not given birth to us, we would not be here today. God entrusted you with our lives, and we appreciate you for the magnificent roles and sacrifices you made for us. You make motherhood and sisterhood look so easy.

As women, we go through different circumstances which sometimes makes us to think that there is no way out. I am here as a sister to remind you of how strong you are. Your situation is not permanent and you shall get your smile again. Keep your head held high and know that you shall overcome. There’s beauty in every brokenness.

Let your scars be a reminder of your strength and tenacity.

See yourself in one of the circumstances and draw strength from them.

The strength of a woman.

  • You were gang-raped by the people you were familiar with and, the scenery got so traumatic. Such that you never told anyone about the case. Not even your closest friend knows about the case. I see you, my lady. I send my heartfelt prayers to you. Find comfort in the Lord, and know that it’s over with your life yet.
  • Growing up, you were a problematic child. With a rebellious spirit, and you decided to move out of your home. You went to stay with a man who promised to love and nurture you but only to find that he’s physically and emotionally abusive. I see you to sissy. It is never too late to fix the broken relationship with your family. I am sure they are also waiting for you to reach out to them and ask for forgiveness. They will gladly forgive you and accept you back because they love you.
  • You dropped out of school due to financial constraints. In some cases, it was due to the misconduct that caused you t fail your exams, and the scholarship had to drop you. The only option was to drop out because you could not afford to pay the expenses. I see you as well lady. It’s not the end of the world. You still have a chance to change your life around.
  • You have been unemployed for too long, and it looks like all your friends are ahead of you. Anxiety seems to be the only way out. People closest to you have written you out and calling you all sorts of names. Do not be anxious about anything. Your appointed time is coming. Stay hopeful.
  • Your childlessness made you a laughing stock of your family-in-laws. Let me tell you that the Lord in heaven can do exceedingly, abundantly, and above all that we may ever ask or imagine. There is nothing impossible with Him. You will carry your seed like every other woman. Do not despair.
  • You are a single parent to your children with the small income you are getting because the father is absent. It is difficult, and sometimes suicidal thoughts seem to creep in. But when you think of your children, you try to fight the thoughts, but it is not easy. I encourage you to know that you are not raising your children alone. The Lord is right there with you every step of the way. You might not see Him, but He is right there holding you with His righteous right hand.
  • All the babies you never got to carry, which you miscarried. The pain and the trauma you felt, which we cannot relate to. My lady, I know being strong is the last thing you want to hear at this point. I do not want you to be, on your own. But I want you to find strength in the Lord. Rely on the Lord for strength. Let your strength come from Him, and He will never leave you nor forsake you.
  • You have lost your loved ones, including your husband, because of covid19. The long nights of winter are just too lonely. The children always ask about their father’s whereabouts because they do not understand. Moments you shared are nothing but just good memories. You feel broken, empty, and scared. Let you that the Lord is closer to the brokenhearted. Allow Him to mend your broken heart wholly and completely restore all that which was lost.

You might be going through something which I did not mention above. But whatever trauma and pain you feel, find hope and comfort. Be reminded that you are loved and cherished by the Lord. You are His rare masterpiece. If you need anyone to talk to someone, you can reach out to me. I may not relate to some of the circumstances, but I assure you of an ear and a shoulder to cry on. Do not despair.

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