Effective Ways to Cultivate Bravery

Growing up I got to realize that bravery is not measured by things that can be seen but it’s based on how you respond to what is happening inside of you.

It implies authenticity, risk taking and being different. That’s what its all about.

Let’s look at some of the effective strategies you can use to cultivate Bravery in your daily lives :

1. Fill your thoughts with positivity

Our thoughts have a tendency to deviate at times, especially when we want to execute a task. That’s why Its of necessity to consistently fill ourselves with good thoughts. Negative thoughts sometimes creeps our thoughts unexpectedly, practice good thoughts consistently, till they become a reality.

2. Do not be afraid of failure.

Once we take a bold step to execute something, chances are we either win or lose. In most cases you are likely to win. But I say even if we fail, for me that’s still considered as bravery at its paramount. People are afraid of failing, such that they don’t attempt anymore. Opportunities are likely to pass if you don’t attempt due to fear grappling you. You’d rather fail whilst trying. Take risks and do not be afraid to fail.

3. Fear works as a catalyst, allow it

I always say bravery does not erase fear and gloomy outlook. It simply implies that you intentionally choose to execute the task whilst fearful. You execute it afraid, worried and unsure – but yet finding a way to do what you need to do.

4. Commit yourself to action

This is a point where you make a sworn declaration that no matter what happens and how you feel, you’ll do it anyhow. It works better if you write it down, mention it to few people to hold you accountable. Commit yourself and do the work.

5. Allow yourself to be vulnerable

It’s more effortless to take an action when you feel the strength from people supporting you and you’ll soon realize you are not alone. It’s okay to cry. Have faith in the bigger picture that perhaps you can’t understand or see yet.

8. Let it serve people

You see, greatness is determined by service. A sense of empowerment and inspiration comes when your tasks impacts other people. Sometimes that’s what it takes to cultivate bravery, your service to humanity. Very important as it correlates with purpose.

9. Step out of the comfort zone and push the boundaries.

Get out of mediocrity and do the things you’ve always desired to execute. Stretch yourself professionally and see how far you can go, you’ll thank me later. Step into unfamiliar territories, try new things and risk being a fool for a while.

8. Exhaust all the possible obstacles you are likely to encounter

Soldiers when they go for warfare, they prepare themselves against adversaries whom they are likely to encounter. You should always know obstacles you are likely to encounter. People who prepare and plan for how they’ll respond to different obstacles in life, tend to meet their goals successfully.

9. Meditation

It’s satisfactory to take rest at some point. Sitting quietly and trying to clear your mind, especially if you about to do something and nerves have kicked, can make a huge difference, even if you do it for few minutes it can go a long way.

10. Practice, Practice and more Practice

I always speak to my mirror almost everyday. I literally watch myself doing it already. This can change your thinking. It will help you to hone what you intend to say or rather do. Make it a priority to do little things consistently. Like they always say, practice makes perfect.

Choose Bravery

Lets hear on the comment section how you cultivate Bravery in your life.

From my heart to yours…



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